Review: Crumpler Messenger and Camera Bags

by | Jan 10, 2012

Among the many things I don’t mind spending my money on are shoes and bags. I believe that for me to get the quality and durability I need, I should put a premium on them. That is why up until now, I still have most of my bags and shoes with me because I truly paid for products that I know will last me a long time. And this is one of the guarantees that Crumpler has to offer.

Crumpler logo on strap lock

A few days ago, I was sent these items for review and upon seeing them, I couldn’t wait to check each one out – from the inner corners of the compartments of the bags up to the tiniest details such as the seams. Just from the look and feel of these bags, you can tell they were truly made of high quality materials that Crumpler is known for.

Let me introduce you to the Crumpler messenger bags first – The Hoax, The Barney Rustle Blanket, and Western Lawn. These 3 bags have the Dual Quick Release Compression Straps pictured above which makes it easy for you to adjust the length of the strap, whether you want to quickly transform it to a shoulder or sling bag.


Crumpler The Hoax Messenger Bag

Among the 3 messenger bags I got for review, this one has the widest space inside. It comes in 2 different colors and the one I chose was the red splatter; the other one’s in yellow.

Crumpler The Hoax messenger bag

Just like the other messenger bags on this feature, The Hoax has Dual Velcro Flap Fasteners (dual injection moulded velcro fasteners) that make sure that the bag’s front flap is securely covered. This bag doesn’t have a zipper to close the main compartment, but from the tests I did on it, it was pretty safe to put valuables in here. If you’re still not comfortable, you can use the inside pockets that are also equipped with the same velcro fasteners.

Larger and wider space for your things inside The Hoax - plus Velcro pockets

By the way, the 2 gray strips on the front flap are reflective stripes which can help when you’re riding a bike or motorcycle while on the road. 🙂

This retails at Php 5,950. The list of stores is listed below this post. 🙂


Crumpler The Barney Rustle Blanket

This actually has the same features as The Hoax, but this is a little smaller. Actually, you won’t really notice the difference since the compartment inside is still very spacious.

Crumpler The Barney Rustle Blanket Red Splatter bag

Here’s a photo of the velcro fasteners underneath the front flap of the bag:

Dual Velcro Flap fasteners of The Barney Rustle Blanket

The difference between the Hoax and The Barney Rustle Blanket, well aside from the design on them, is that the pockets inside the bag have zippers. So, if you prefer them over velcro fasteners, then, you might want to consider getting this bag.

Large space inside The Barney Rustle Blanket, plus pockets and zipped compartment

They have the same quality of fibers, materials and seams. They even retail at the same price of Php 5,950 at Crumpler official stores (again, please see list below this post). But, what you would love about this one is it has what they call Third Leg Stabilizer at the strap so you can secure the bag in its place. Cool, eh?

The Barney Rustle Blanket has a Third Leg Stabilizer


Crumpler The Western Lawn

The Western Lawn messenger bag is the most compact among the 3. It doesn’t have bag buckles like the other 2, but this can actually be carried on like a pouch.

Crumpler The Western Lawn messenger bag

It uses velcro fasteners too to close the inner flap rather securely.

The Dual Velcro flaps of The Western Lawn

The flap is this bag’s waterproof measure to ensure that the contents of your bag stays dry during those rainy days that you still need to go to out for work, etc. Another feature of this bag is its anti-abrasive surfaces so anything that gets in touch with its material won’t get scratched or damaged.

Inside the bag, there are also pockets you can use for your mobile phones, pens, etc.

Inside The Western Lawn messenger bag

The Western Lawn retails at Php 3,250. For ladies, I would recommend this one. 🙂

Now, on to the camera bags! 🙂


Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag

I’ve been meaning to get me a camera bag for my Nikon D3100 camera and I’m still in the market for that one bag I know can endure all the wear and tear I may cause it (I’m planning on taking more well-deserved vacations) while protecting my gear. Plus, I’m also eyeing for new lens so my current bag can’t handle this.

If you’re also on the lookout for a high quality camera bag, check this out – Crumpler’s 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag.

Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag

Some of this bag’s features include velcro silencers (I know people who hate the sound of velcro when being unfastened :D), padded carry handle (oh, a relief for my shoulders!), waterproofing measures (it has water seepage feature so you won’t have to worry about placing this bag on wet surfaces).

5 Million Dollar Home camera bag clip buckles

Above is a close-up of the bag buckle, strategically located on each side of the bag to keep the flap in place and securely.

And here’s a photo of my camera inside the bag, enjoying the comforts of the thick layers around it. The inside panel can be adjusted, and you can place accessories on the side pockets as well, which are covered by the front flap.

My camera sits comfortably inside the 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag

The price tag for this bag is Php 3,450 and it comes in another color – olive green and black, just like the next camera bag. 🙂


Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag

Between the 2 bags, I love this one because it’s the perfect fit for my current camera setup (just the kit lens). It’s compact and I can even put it inside my shoulder bag when I feel like it.

Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home camera bag

This bag has a lot of similarities with the 5 Million Dollar Home bag, but this only has one bag buckle in front. It’s also more compact, as I’ve mentioned earlier.

Among the other similarities is the thick padding inside the bag, and that the compartments are adjustable.

Inside the Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home camera bag

The bag is also waterproof and has anti-abrasive features. Retail price for this baby is Php 3,250.


All these bags come with the warranty and guarantee that only Crumpler provides. From that alone, I can say you’re getting your money’s worth. 🙂

If you’d like to check out these bags for yourselves or you already want to make a purchase, they’re available at the following stores:

  • Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet
  • Crumpler Trinoma
  • Crumpler Megamall
  • Crumpler Robinsons Ermita

These bags are part of Crumpler Limited Edition. What do you guys think?


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