How I Dyed My Hair Blue – Full Step-by-Step to Help You Too!

For years, I've dyed my hair with different colors and there's one that I haven't tried yet for the longest time: blue hair. I've postponed it many times because I've been reading up about the process of achieving blue hair and people who have tried it were saying it...

Review: Urbanears Humlan Washable Headphones : Wait, What?!

How would you like to own a pair of headphones that are washable? No more dirty headbands or icky ear cushions every time you listen to your music while working out, especially when you're running. You like that? Then, the Urbanears Humlan headphones is for you....

The Mandara Spa in Greenhills Annapolis

After weeks of accumulated stress from work and other things that keep me busy, a relaxing massage is what I usually long for. For me, a massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself - it's indulgent, relaxing and good for your health - that's why I'm very picky when...

Review: NudeAudio Move S Portable Bluetooth Speaker

As much as possible, I stay away from gadgets that are clingy. 😀 You know, electronic devices that need to be connected to my smartphone, laptop or desktop using a wire/cable. That's why audio devices like NudeAudio Move S, a portable Bluetooth speaker, highly appeal...

My Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery at QC Eye Center (Now, iSight Vision Center)

Today, I'm writing this blog post with better vision; at least on my right eye for now. And I'll be forever grateful that I finally had the courage to undergo Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery with Dr. Archie Agahan at the QC Eye Center. UPDATE (2017): Dr. Agahan is...

Review: Crumpler Proud Stash Backpack

I admit, I'm not a light packer when I travel. I'm slightly OC, with a hint of hoarder (hahaha), so I feel like I'll need everything but the kitchen sink. 😀 I vow to change that though as I‘ve got plans to travel more starting this year, and I think this Crumpler...

Review: Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Messenger Bag

Geared up with my new model volunteer, we tested out two new Crumpler bags, starting off with this messenger bag - Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle. First of all, I'd like to say that I'm very fond of how Crumpler combines various colors you'd think won't work. I would...

Review: Braven 570 : A Sexy Multifeatured Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If there's one sexy gadget I would love to own, this is it - Braven 570. It's a high-def portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, charger, and speaker phone all rolled into one. And it comes in black. How can one not go gaga over this?! As soon as I opened the box and...

Technology / Gadgets

Review: newKube MP3 Player

Review: newKube MP3 Player

If you've been following this blog and you've read my past reviews, you'll know that I'm an audiophile. I'm very picky...

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PerySmith 2 in 1 Multi Chopper EasyCooking Series PS820 - Pinay Reviewer
PerySmith 2-in-1 Multi-Chopper

Hybrid Colours Bleach Kit Dntkllmyvb with 9% Developer (NO Oil Included) Bleach and Developer
Hybrid Colours Bleach Kit Dntkllmyvb

Foldable Cabinet Organizer for Clothes Storage Durabox with Magnetic Suction Door Kitchen Cabinet - Pinay Reviewer
Foldable Cabinet Organizer / Clothes Storage Durabox



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