How I Dyed My Hair Blue – Full Step-by-Step to Help You Too!

by | Mar 17, 2024

For years, I’ve dyed my hair with different colors and there’s one that I haven’t tried yet for the longest time: blue hair. I’ve postponed it many times because I’ve been reading up about the process of achieving blue hair and people who have tried it were saying it takes more effort than other regular hair colors, plus the maintenance can be a nightmare. Finally decided to do it this 2024 since I wanted to try something different, and it all worked out pretty well, methinks! 💙

It did take some time to successfully get this blue hair, but I think it’s all worth it. You just need to be ready to do all the work and be patient. You’ll love it!

If you’re like me who wants to DIY dye your hair all blue too, I’m here to help with the complete step-by-step guide on how I colored my hair blue – from all the products I’ve used to how I maintained and cared for my hair after everything I did to it to achieve this blue hair color. 😊

STEP #1: Bleached My Hair Using Hybrid Colours Bleach Set dntkllmyvb


I knew that I needed at least bleached hair level 9-10 to achieve this blue hair, so I searched for bleach products that I can use that will make this step easier and less painful for me.

I previously used Merry Sun bleaching set and it worked really well as it lifted my hair to the bleach level I needed with just one bleaching session, and it didn’t hurt that much too. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of positive reviews, raves even, about a local brand Hybrid Colours bleach set dntkllmyvb (buy now on Shopee | Lazada), so I decided to give it a try.

I bought around 6 sets of their 120g bleach set for Php 319 each. I know, I kinda hoarded ’cause I thought I might not have enough given the many times I plan to bleach my hair, the BF’s and my nanay’s. 😁 Now I have 2 more sets left.

The Hybrid Colours bleaching set dntkllmyvb (don’t kill my vibe, get it?! 😁) includes 120g of their bio-organic bleaching powder and 240ml 30 volume 9% developer cream. I used a regular plastic spoon to scoop, measure and mix. I used almost 2 sets on my hair (shoulder-length), 1 set for my nanay’s hair. Then a li’l bit just to bleach the BF’s hair.

And OH MY GAHD, everything people were saying about Hybrid Colours bleach set is true! It lightened my hair to a level 7-8 in less than 30 minutes, and I barely felt any sting or pain on my scalp, considering that I have sensitive scalp. Even my nanay loved it so much that she had her hair bleached multiple times so her hair’s now a light platinum blonde already. The photo below is the result of our first bleaching session. We had 3 more sessions after this so it’s almost white now. 😁

Before bleaching your hair, make sure you haven’t washed it for about a day or two so your hair’s natural oils can help protect your hair and scalp when you bleach it. Since I work from home, this was pretty easy – I just didn’t wash it for 2-3 days before bleaching. 😅

I had to keep the bleach on my hair for about 45 minutes to an hour. No funky, irritating bleach smell too, so it didn’t bother me much that I had the bleach on my head while I was working.

I also bleached the boyfriend’s hair – I wanted to do this blue strip of hair on him ala couple hair. 😅 He didn’t feel any sting too, and his hair lifted more quickly than mine did.

Washing the bleach off was a breeze too. It kinda felt a li’l dry, but not as much as the previous bleaching combos I’ve tried. However, I still made sure to use conditioner after shampooing it to lessen the tangles and dryness. Oh, don’t use warm or hot water when rinsing out the bleach since that will cause damage to your hair.

The photos below are the results of our first bleaching session. It was already pretty light, so I got really excited! 🥰

I initially planned to bleach my hair 3 times, but I was already excited to dye it blue. Plus, my hair was already at level 9-10 after my second bleaching session plus toning so I said, “Fck it, let’s dye my hair blue!” 😅

However, if you have the time and patience to bleach once more, especially if your hair isn’t light enough yet, then go ahead. Just make sure to rest your hair for about a week or two in between bleaching sessions. There are some people who bleach their hair more than once in a day or a week, but I don’t recommend that since effects of hair products like bleach may vary per person. With Hybrid Colours bleaching set, I don’t think you’ll go wrong though. Nevertheless, better be safe than sorry, right? Good luck with bleaching your hair!

STEP #2: Toned My Bleached Hair Using HairFix Beat The Brass Purple Shampoo


From what I’ve read about successfully dyeing your hair blue, I needed to tone my bleached hair using purple shampoo to lessen or remove the brassy or yellow tones so when I apply blue hair dye, it won’t turn green. See, YELLOW + BLUE = GREEN. 😉

Apparently, purple shampoo will help with toning down those yellow shades on bleached hair. I had my nanay and BF try Hybrid Colours’ purple shampoo and conditioner, but I guess you need to keep it on your hair longer for it to work.

I decided to try HairFix Beat the Brass purple shampoo (buy now on Shopee | Lazada) instead. I shampooed my hair like normal, then I applied their purple shampoo and kept it there for an hour. I had to keep myself entertained while in the shower. 😅

After drying my hair, I immediately saw the results – all the yellow tones were tamed down so it’s less vibrant. I only did this once, by the way, and I was happy with the results. If I bleached my hair a third time, I’d probably have platinum blonde hair. 😁

Check out the photos below: first one is the result of my first bleaching session, the second is after my 2nd bleaching session and toning my hair. It paled out the yellow tones.

From my research, there were people who toned their hair more than once with purple shampoo before dyeing it blue, but I just can’t wait anymore. 😂 I felt like I’d probably get a mermaid-ish blue hair color, so it’ll still look like I styled it that way anyway. 😉

STEP #3: Maintained My Hair Using KeratinPlus Gold Conditioner


Bleaching and dyeing your hair can be really harsh and damaging, no matter what products you use, so it’s critical to maintain it with products such as hair masks or conditioners. However, being the lazy gurl that I am, I went with the simplest option: treating my hair with KeratinPlus Gold conditioner (buy now on Shopee | Lazada). This brand is one of the most recommended among my fellow sisiws, so I went with this. They say it smoothens and softens dry and damaged hair, and it did exactly that! 🥰

I love how soft and manageable my hair is after using this conditioner. I used it after each bleaching session, and also to maintain my blue hair on days I’m not shampooing it. Just look at the video below!

Now, it’s my go-to conditioner since KeratinPlus keeps my hair soft even after a few days of not washing it. 😅 I love how my hair smells too, and it lasts for days!

STEP #4: Blue Hair Achieved with Iroiro 45 Deep Blue Semi-Permanent Hair Color


After going through reviews after reviews of different blue hair dye brands, I decided to go with Iroiro 45 Deep Blue semi-permanent hair color (buy on Shopee). Based on one of the reviews where they tried various brands, Iroiro’s blue dye had the least bleeding and stayed on the longest. So I went ahead and purchased this.

I bought the 8oz pack for Php 1,100, and I also got a small 4oz pack for Php 770 just in case I run out, and if ever I need to re-apply or add to my conditioner to keep the vibrance of my blue hair. I ended up just using the big pack though. 😁

It smells soooo good, reminds me of Arctic Fox hair dyes, which I used to purchase to color my hair. Iroiro’s blue dye also didn’t leave my hair feeling dry, but I still used conditioner on my hair all throughout this bleaching and dyeing process to maintain my hair’s softness.

Check out how vibrant my blue hair looked! I took photos while inside and under the sun so you’ll see the difference. The first photo below, my blue hair was still kinda wet. You can see, there were some strands that were blue-green, but it didn’t matter ’cause it looked good, even on the BF! 💙

Here’s a photo of me under the sun plus how it looked over a month after – it looks more vibrant in person. The blue hair color is still so vibrant, but it does bleed a little when I shampoo my hair. I use Head & Shoulders for my shampoo just to see how quickly the blue hair color will fade, but since I don’t shampoo every day (I use conditioner most of the time) it didn’t fade that easily. I also heard that Iroiro’s hair dyes don’t fade that fast, so I guess there’s that! 😉

Overall, this whole bleaching and dyeing experience to get the blue hair I’ve wanted for years has been fun! They say it’ll take months before this blue hair color will fade. For some people, it didn’t even fade at all and they had to have their hair trimmed just to get rid of it. 😂 With reviews on Iroiro’s blue hair dye, I feel like that’ll be the case too with my hair. 💙

I guess I’ll just wait for my hair to grow long enough for me to have it cut where there’ll be no more blue hair strands left! 😁 Or maybe I’ll just dye this again with violet or green, or even maybe red to see how they’ll mix. What do you think?! 😉

This whole experience made me realize not to be afraid of trying something new. You’ll never know when it’ll pay off. It’s all about being confident about your choice. Even if that choice is just about what hair color you’d like to sport. 😉

P.S. I had to go on a sisiw hiatus for 2 years since I had major surgery on my left eye. I’ll talk about that in a future blog post. 😊


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