Review: Tenba Vector Top Load 1 DSLR Camera Bag

Ever since I got my new Nikon D3100 DSLR camera (posted here), I’ve scoured our collection of bags here at home to find something that would be perfect for whenever I need to bring it along with me. I don’t want anything that looks too obvious that I’ve got my precious DSLR with me. Plus, of course, I prefer bags that won’t be a burden or ruin my look for the day. I ended up with my bro’s bulky black bag. 🙁 But, thank goodness I found out about Tenba camera bags.

Tenba Vector collection

Tenba is a popular brand in carrying solutions for over 30 years. They’re known for their signature “Crafted Without Compromise” quality of materials and hardware they use for each of their bag.

Since my current bag isn’t really designed for cameras, I still have to put my DSLR inside my Nikon bag that came with it. And so whenever I need to take the camera out, I have to first unzip my bulky bag then open the flap of that Nikon bag. Too much of a hassle. I need a better bag!

And so when I was sent this Tenba Vector Top Load 1 camera bag in Cadmium Red for review, I was pretty excited (just look at the number of photos on this post 😀 ) to try it.

Tenba Vector Top Load 1 in Cadmium Red

First off, I love the design. The shade of the color red all over the bag, the straps and inside was just right for me. I wouldn’t mind bringing this along anytime since most of my clothing are either black or something dark. But, it sure would suit almost anything I wear because for me, its color is versatile. Everything, including the zipper and add on cloth and rain cover were custom-dyed to match. Cool, eh? 🙂

Tenba Vector Top Load 1 in Cadmium Red - side view

The bag looks very sturdy, as you can see from the above photo. Just by the feel of it, I can tell that this bag was made of high quality material that’s designed to last. Tenba also claims that this is weather-resistant, something I didn’t want to test though. But, just by the feel and look of it, I know it’s true.

Front and stretchable side pockets for more storage space

There are also multiple pockets around the bag. The front one can be used for your extra batteries and memory cards. The side stretchable pockets can be used for your phone or any small item.

The front pocket is where I found the rain cover that’s also an add on or supplement when you buy this bag.

Includes a supplementary rain cover

Here’s a view from the back:

Tenba Vector Top Load 1 in Cadmium Red - back

The Tenba Vector Top Load 1 bag can actually be carried holster-style. That large patch just below the top zipper is where you’ll insert the strap so you can use it like a belt bag. I’m not comfortable bringing my DSLR that way though so I’ll stick with the shoulder bag.

The shoulder strap is padded well and the texture of the material used helps to keep it from slipping down your shoulders.

The padded shoulder strap makes it more comfortably to use

Since I’m more of a body-bag type of girl whenever I go out and I’m not attending any fancy event or party, I also tried adjusting the strap to see if I can use this Tenba camera bag that way.

Tenba Vector Top Load 1 as body bag

It’s just perfect as a body bag, too! The Vector Top Load 1 is indeed tough, but very lightweight. My camera’s inside the bag on the photo above and it didn’t feel like I was lugging around my DSLR with me. 🙂

Now, let’s look inside. As you can see, when you unzip and open the top cover, you’ll find a few more pockets where you can store things like your lens cloth (another add on), etc.

Pockets inside the Tenba bag for cleaning cloth, etc

Looking at how padded the inside of the bag is, you can tell that it’ll provide your camera the utmost protection.

Smooth-lined interior, thick enough to protect your camera

The depth of the interior can also be adjusted. The bottom panel is actually made to protect the camera when the bag is on a wet surface, but you can use it if you have the basic lens like I do so it will be easier to grab the camera from inside. Here’s how it looks when it’s inside the bag with the basic 18-55mm lens.

My Nikon D3100 DSLR camera sits comfortably inside the Tenba Vector Top Load 1 bag

Again, this bag is meant for a DSLR camera with one lens only. So, my camera sits comfortably inside. I can easily take it out whenever. 🙂

Tenba Vector Top Load 1 as shoulder bag

It’s stylish and doesn’t look too rugged  for us ladies. It comes in 4 colors:

  • Cadmium Red (featured)
  • Carbon Black (Ooohh… I’m going to get me one of this too! 🙂 )
  • Krypton Green
  • Oxygen Blue

Here are specifications you might need before buying this:

  • Outside Dimensions:
    7.5W x 8.5H x 6D in.
    19W x 22H x 15D cm
  • Inside Dimensions:   
    6.5W x 7.5H x 4.5D in.
    17W x 19H x 11D cm
  • Weight:   
    0.65 lb.
    0.3 kg

This Tenba Vector Top Load 1 camera bag is priced at Php 1,750.00 and you can buy it and other Tenba bags from the following stores:

  • Anson’s – Makati
  • AV Surfer
  • Canon Store – Bonifacio High Street
  • Colours Cameras and Gadgets – Dumaguete
  • Colours Digital Foto – Cebu
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • Digital Walker Zoom
  • FPPF
  • Focuslab
  • Gadgets in Style
  • Island Photo
  • Lee Super Photo – Dumaguete
  • Macy’s Photoshop
  • Meetrovi – General Santos
  • Nikon Store – SM North Annex
  • Nikon Store – Virramall
  • Olympus Store – Davao
  • SM Department Store – Camera Section
  • Watson Photo Shop
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