My Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery at QC Eye Center (Now, iSight Vision Center)

Today, I’m writing this blog post with better vision; at least on my right eye for now. And I’ll be forever grateful that I finally had the courage to undergo Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery with Dr. Archie Agahan at the QC Eye Center.

UPDATE (2017): Dr. Agahan is now with iSight Vision Center, but they’re at the same location as QC Eye Center.

My nanay accompanied me for my screening at QC Eye Center[2]

That’s my nanay who was with me during the screening and my surgery. 🙂

My Struggle with Poor Vision

Me and my glasses[2]Let me “briefly” tell you my story first about my almost a lifetime struggle with my vision. I have always been a gamer. No one expected that at a very young age of 9, I’ll be suffering from poor eyesight. But, I loved our Family Computer (shoutout to my fellow 90s kids!), playing for hours, sitting closely to the TV screen as I kick and jump my way through the games I enjoyed back then. It wasn’t until my then Grade 3 adviser noticed how I couldn’t see the notes on the blackboard without squinting my eyes.

I was diagnosed with near-sightedness and, to my mother’s shock, I started wearing eyeglasses with a grade of 350 on each eye, again, at the age of 9. Looking back now, I couldn’t believe how long I waited to finally undergo the surgery to fix my eyesight.

I almost had LASIK surgery before (I consulted a different doctor), but just the thought of it made me queasy even at this very moment that I postponed it for years. It was also very scary because the chances of me going blind after the surgery is something you couldn’t ignore.


My Path to Better Vision

Thankfully, last year, my dad underwent cataract surgery. It was when I decided that 2013 is the year I’ll finally do it. And after some research and talking with friends who underwent LASIK surgery, especially with my friend and fellow blogger Iris of Pinay Ads, I brushed aside all my worries and faced my fears for the rewards were surely going to be all worth it in the end. 🙂

Iris and other fellow bloggers highly recommended Dr. Archimedes Lee Agahan, or as most of his patients fondly call him, Doc Aga. 😉

Dr. Archie Agahan of QC Eye Center and Manila Vision Correction Center[2]

I added him on Facebook initially so I can ask a few questions, to which he gladly responded. We set the date for my screening and checkup at the QC Eye Center – the morning of May 11th.

Since my mom is a nurse, I’m not scared of doctors, but I admit, I had fears on that very day of my screening. I was afraid I won’t pass the screening and I’ll have to grow old and blind. 🙁

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Ring a Brass Bell!

If you are looking for brass bells for sale to add to your collection as a new bell ringer or as a professional collector, you will be pleased with the large variety that is available and also the range of prices to fit into your budget. There are so many different types and sizes of bells that you could keep collecting them for years and never buy a duplicate!

Brass bells

Small brass bells can be a tiny quarter inch or up to four inches and can be easily displayed because they do not take up much room.

Hand bells are a part of many musical groups and community choirs as they add a delightful enhancement to the presentation. Even a novice can learn the basic cords on a brass hand bell and eventually take this phase of musical art to a higher level. The sound of this bell can also be rung to indicate when it is time for meals to be served or activities to be changed because the sound carries and can be heard in a large indoor space or outdoors.

Ship bells or nautical bells are made for yachts, fire houses, schools and other locations including in your home to go along with a decorative nautical theme. Unusual bells are embellished with a captain’s wheel or an anchor or another nautical object.

Review: Crumpler Proud Stash Backpack

I admit, I’m not a light packer when I travel. I’m slightly OC, with a hint of hoarder (hahaha), so I feel like I’ll need everything but the kitchen sink. 😀 I vow to change that though as I‘ve got plans to travel more starting this year, and I think this Crumpler Proud Stash backpack might be the perfect travel companion.

Crumpler Proud Stash review

The design may look simple to you, but I don’t fancy complicated patterns on my bag. I’m not into bags as a fashion statement, but I’m sure this Crumpler Proud Stash in Coral will be liked by many of my fellow ladies. My mom liked the color so much that she insisted that she ‘model’ this one for me first before the Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Messenger Bag. 😀 I prefer this in black though.

Crumpler Proud Stash backpack - front and side views

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