Experience Extraodinary Shopping Convenience with BPI

Ever since I started making money online, I have enjoyed the convenience of shopping online. So far, I’ve bought domains, software program licenses, stock images, bags, accessories, clothes and fashion accessories from various online stores. A few weeks ago, I even blogged about how I consider myself having this quasi-addiction to online shopping. And now that BPI has launched four (4) new innovations to make people like me enjoy online shopping more, I cannot wait for my next purchase! 🙂


BPI Cards New Website

Almost every errand I can think of now can be done online. So, it’s just fitting that BPI comes out with a new website where people can easily apply for a credit card online – BPI Cards. How convenient!

BPI's new website - BPI Cards

If you’re like me who can’t seem to decide which BPI credit card suits your needs, they have an innovative feature that should make it easy for you to choose – BPI Card Profiler. What this does is it recommends the right card for you through a survey or series of questions. Cool, eh?

Now, before you head on to www.BPICards.com, let me tell you 3 more cool new products from BPI.


BPI eCredit Card

BPI eCredit card is one heck of a cool product. I mean, if you’re like me who is paranoid about secure online transactions, then, you would be so glad to have this as an add-on or companion card to your BPI Express Mastercard (Blue, Gold, Edge, Petron and Skymiles).

What’s cool about the BPI eCredit card is it serves as your virtual credit card that you only use for online transactions. It has a different card number which secures your actual BPI Mastercard. Plus, you can set a sub-limit on this baby to ensure you only use up a certain amount on your online purchases. Pretty nifty, eh?


BPI My ePrepaid Card

Between the two (2) cards that BPI has launched, I am pretty excited about My ePrepaid card. How could I resist this one? Imagine the ease of applying for it (no approval necessary), no maintaining balance because it’s reloadable, and it can be used for online purchases through any online store that accepts Mastercard payments.

My BPI ePrepaid Card

It works like a regular Mastercard credit card, but since it’s reloadable, it also works as a debit card in a way that you have full control over how much money you get to spend online. I love this about BPI My ePrepaid Card – I don’t have to worry about spending money that I haven’t earned yet. 🙂

I can’t wait to use my BPI My ePrepaid Card! I’m planning on buying more makeup products from one of my favorite online stores in Multiply. And I bet you’d love this too, especially my mommy friends who love browsing through online stores to buy baby products like this uber cool baby jogger city mini GT or even just simple baby clothes. 🙂


DealMania.ph – Exclusive Group-Buying Site for BPI Cardholders

If you’ve been following this blog, you know how addicted I am too with group-buying sites. Guess what? BPI now has their own exclusive deals site for BPI cardholders – Deal Mania.

DealMania.ph - Exclusive Group-Buying Site for BPI Cardholders

BPI brings us this new deals site through Buyanihan. I am quite excited about this since I have my own My ePrepaid Card now. 🙂

Just like other group-buying sites, Deal Mania offers BPI cardholders huge discounts for hotel accommodations, restaurants, beauty and wellness services and products, etc. I’m just waiting for the right deal for me and I’ll probably use my BPI My ePrepaid Card to make that first purchase on Deal Mania. 🙂


There yah go! Four new cool products from BPI to make a completely more enjoyable and hassle-free online shopping experience. I’ll keep you posted on my online purchases from Deal Mania and using my BPI My ePrepaid Card (I can’t stop talking about this card, really :D).

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  • This is so helpful! I’m so glad there are more options for Philippine online shopping payment methods now. Thanks for the info 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I think with all these new features, more people will be encouraged to shop online. 🙂