Revitalize Your Hair with RO2 Beauty & Wellness’ Hair Treatments

My hair had wavy ends and was dull and dryEver since I was younger, I admit, I never gave my hair the care it needed. I’ve had it permed, colored multiple times, straightened through rebonding twice, and blow-dried countless times. The only thing I did to make it smoother was to use conditioner. That’s it. I only focused on taking care of my face, but after my visit at rO2 Beauty & Wellness Center, I learned that it’s just as important to take care of my crowning glory. 🙂

I have really dry and dull hair for years. Some people who see my hair would think that I had it digitally permed because of the waves at the lower part of my hair strands. I guess that’s why I didn’t really pay attention to my hair – as long as it’s long and still slightly manageable, I’m okay with how it looked.

But, after my hair “makeover” at rO2 Beauty & Wellness Centre in Jupiter Street in Makati, I realized it’s easy and hassle-free if you just spend a little of your time to pamper your hair from the scalp to the ends.

I went to rO2 Beauty & Wellness Center to experience what they offer, what they’re proud of – high quality service at a posh location right along the heart of Makati in Jupiter Street and the first Oxygen hair and scalp treatment in the country.

rO2 Beauty and Wellness Center along Jupiter Street in Makati City

I love the serene and relaxing ambiance inside their spa and salon. As soon as you step into their second floor where the salon and spa are located, you’d immediately get into that mood for complete relaxation.

rO2 Beauty and Wellness Center's Salon area

I didn’t shampoo my hair that morning because I know they’ll do it before the whole hair treatment. I was to get the following services:

  • Hair and Scalp Detox with Oxy treatment
  • Keratin hair treatment
  • and, finally, a haircut

Having my hair washed before all the treatments

I asked rO2 head stylist Mikkie questions while I go through each treatment and you can tell he really knows what he’s talking about.

rO2 stylist Mikkie massaging the hair detox cream on my scalpFirst, they applied the hair detox treatment cream and massaged it all over my scalp. It was very cool to the skin and smells good too.

The detox treatment cream they’re using is made from Italy and is enriched with Vitamin E that helps nourish and bring back the natural pH balance of our hair. It helps your hair regain its original resistance after all the dirt from pollution, damage from various treatments you had your hair go through in the past. It’s definitely something my hair BADLY needs.

They had the detox cream stay on my scalp for 20 minutes before they rinsed it to prepare for the Keratin Hair treatment.

Keratin, for your information, is a natural protein that we can actually find on our hair, nails and skin. Undergoing keratin hair treatment revitalizes your locks, repairing it from damages, straightening it and giving you that added shine.

Applying keratin treatment cream on my hair

Mikkie explained that it works quickly. It gives your hair that softness like you went through a hot oil treatment. They massaged it on my hair strands and left it on for 10 minutes. I was excited to see the results so I was glad to know that next was the Oxy Jet treatment. They had my hair rinsed first.

If you’re new to Oxy Jet treatments, the process rejuvenates the scalp and your hair from the effects of all the strong ingredients left by the different hair products we’ve used previously. It oxygenates the scalp and hair deeply – something that I believe is important for those like me who have been through too much stress because of work and relationships (Yes, that too can be really stressful). It’s not just a treatment for the surface of your scalp but goes on deeper to “heal” your hair from all the damage.

The oxygen machine they use for Oxy Jet Hair and Scalp Therapy treatments

The oxygen machine they use for their Oxy Jet Hair and Scalp Therapy treatments.

From their site:

Oxygen infusion stimulates cell metabolism and increase the blood flow on the scalp helping cell generation. It oxygenates, nourishes and strengthens your hair. It has no side effects and is 100% natural.

Oxy Jet therapy is a natural oxygen-based system that regenerates hair working on 4 levels :

  • It helps natural hair growth.
  • It cleans scalp from dandruff.
  • It strengthens and heal weak frail hair, bleached and damaged hair.
  • It normalizes the sebaceous secretion.

rO2 actually specializes in oxygen therapy not only for the hair, but for your body as well (Oxygen Rejuvenation). They even served us tea prepared using oxygenated water. I think I had 4 cups the whole time I was there. 🙂

Tea with calamansi - they used oxygenated water

The hair Oxy Jet treatment done on me was focused on my scalp. I admit, I’ve had issues with dandruff because of stress and frequent switch to different shampoo brands. They said that the Hair Oxy treatment helps rid of the dandruff and bring my scalp back to health.

Oxy Jet Hair and Scalp treatment

Ian, one of their stylists, started using the Oxy Jet machine on me with oxygenated water pumped through air pressure onto my scalp. It felt so good that I even forgot how long they were doing it. 😀 Oh, I tell yah, my head felt way lighter, like all the stress was lifted off my head. 😀

Using the Oxy Jet Hair and Scalp treatment machine on me

By the way, ALL hair treatments at rO2 include Oxy Jet Therapy already. But, scroll down for an exclusive deal from Deal Savers!

After the Oxy Jet treatment, Mikkie prepared me for my haircut. We both agreed that I should keep my long hair, but he wanted to give it more life, more body. So, I let him do whatever he can to make me look prettier. 😀

Precision hair cutting at rO2 Beauty and Wellness Center

Now, this haircut was no ordinary one. They call it precision hair cutting. They don’t give you a catalogue to choose which hair style you want. The stylist will customize a look for you based on the shape of your face, your overall image, and your hair’s texture.

I mean, seriously... I love my hair!Who’s that celebrity?! LOL 😀

All I can tell you now is I LOVE MY HAIR! Oh gosh. As soon as they were done with me, I couldn’t help but look at myself in the mirror. I love how my hair felt while I comb it with my fingers. I love how soft it was and manageable. I love the cut. I just love it. 🙂

Here’s a before and after photo:

Before and after photos

I even posted this on Facebook and got a lot of positive feedback from people I know. My hair made me look younger and happier even. 🙂 So, I vowed to start taking care of my hair now because it does affect my whole look.

While I was chatting away with the stylists, they were giving me tips and pieces of advice on how to take care of my hair; simple tips like not brushing my hair when it’s wet. Guilty. 😀

I also asked them how often I should undergo this kind of hair treatment. They said that for my hair type, I need to do it twice to three times a month. Then, when I can feel that it’s getting better, they recommend at least once a month.

Mikkie also advised that when you go to rO2 Beauty & Wellness Centre for treatments, you should make sure to reserve a couple of hours of your time. I couldn’t agree more! We owe ourselves a couple of hours at least a month to pamper ourselves after long, stressful days of working and dealing with difficult people (I just had to mention that! :D).

Now, I bet you’re interested about the price of all the treatments and the haircut I went through. Here’s the list:

  • Hair and Scalp Detox Treatment with Oxy Jet Therapy – Php 1,800
  • Keratin treatment – Php 400
  • Haircut – Php 500 (for women)

That’s a total of Php 2,700. (Don’t go anywhere yet! Scroll down for a great deal for you!)

You might say it’s pricey, but consider this – you’re getting the utmost attention from their stylists, a unique hair treatment experience, and they’re located at a very posh area in Makati along Jupiter Street. They even have a parking space right in front of their building, which I know is very important for most people who have cars and spend hours at a spa or salon. I say the prices are very reasonable.

rO2 Beauty and Wellness CenterrO2 Beauty & Wellness Center offers other services such as Ganbanyoku (or Bedrock Bath – they’re the only place in Manila that offers this), Ganban Detox Yoga, Bedrock Ultra Slim, and more. Check out the links below for more information about their services:

Note: I was with my nanay / mom because of our scheduled lunch and movie date last Saturday so she was taking most of my photos (how supportive, eh?).

Me and my official photographer, my nanay

Disclosure: I got all the treatments for free for this feature, but all my opinions on this post about the hair treatments are true and sincere.

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