Review: Crumpler Dry Red No 3 Luggage

I SUCK at packing. I swear, that’s one of the worst things about me. I guess it’s that hoarder in me who seems to have a hard time just packing what I need and I almost always end up bringing everything but the kitchen sink. My bro usually loses it and will do the packing for me just to keep me from bringing a huge bag on a short trip. I feel like I just need to find a luggage that can force or make me comfortable about packing light. And I think my search is over with the Crumpler Dry Red No 3 luggage.

Top handle of Crumpler Dry Red No 3 luggage

The Dry Red No 3 is a 2-wheeled carry-on luggage. It’s a slick and compact bag that I can bring with me when I fly and not want to go through the hassle of checking in and waiting for my luggage when I land.

The outer part of the luggage is made of water-resistant fabric. You can tell the quality of the materials used here – something you can rely on when you buy a Crumpler bag.

Crumpler Dry Red No 3 in black - trolley handle is retractable

The neoprene grip trolley handle can be retracted to full height, half or completely out of view, depending on how you want to carry the luggage with you. This is why my mom loved this bag too. She’s a little vertically-challenged. πŸ˜€

The retractable trolley handle is integrated into the luggage bag

The dual-padded grab handles on top and side are made of quality and comfortable neoprene. They’re already integrated into the whole bag, which is the top reason why I loved the Crumpler Dry Red No 3 luggage. I’ve always been concerned about handles of my luggage breaking off, which actually happened to me once when was I was traveling to Cebu. The grab handles of this bag make me feel more secure. πŸ™‚

Front zipped pocket of Crumpler Dry Red No 3

The zipper also has rings which you can use to lock it for safety. Even the front pocket zippers can be locked, if in case you need to put something valuable in there.

Crumpler Dry Red No 3 luggage

Inside the bag, there are 2 zippered side pouches / sidewall mesh pockets in the main compartment that you can use possibly for toiletries or undies. πŸ˜‰

Inside compartment has 2 sidewall mesh pockets

You can then fasten the contents of the main compartment with the straps to ensure they won’t move around. If you’re bringing your laptop with you, I would recommend you put it on top of all your clothes and then fasten them securely to place.

Because the retractable trolley handle is integrated into the bag, there is a slight waste of space that you could’ve used for more contents. But, if you’re after light-packing for a trip, that shouldn’t be any problem.

Zippered mesh pocket on the back of the opening flap

Since I always bring an extra pair of slippers with me, I like that the Dry Red No 3 comes with a shoe / slipper bag. You can choose to put it in the inner zipped flap pocket or in the front pocket.

The Crumpler Dry Red No 3 luggage comes with a foldaway shoe bag

The Crumpler Dry Red No 3 luggage is definitely something I would recommend. The price may be a little steep at Php 8,950, but if you’re after high quality with style, you should consider purchasing this, especially when you’re one of those frequent travellers who usually go on quick unplanned trips.

This luggage comes in all red and black, and is now available at the following Crumpler stores:

  • Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet
  • Crumpler Trinoma
  • Crumpler Megamall
  • Crumpler Robinsons Ermita
For more information about Crumpler products, visit their website atΒ
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