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Shopping : More Convenient than Ever

Shopping is considered one of the favorite pastimes of most people. Now that it has evolved because of technology, particularly the internet, we can say that shopping has taken a giant leap in terms of how we get it done. From the old school way of lining up at a local supermarket (not to mentionContinue Reading

Group Deals: eBay Philippines Kuponan

If you check the sidebar of this blog, you’ll find various group-buying sites that I’m a member of. I’m actually gathering all the links and I’ll be putting them up on a separate page along with my own reviews of each site. For now, let me tell you about eBay Philippines Kuponan, Just like otherContinue Reading

Healthy Deals – Great Bargains For Your Wellness

Ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago, I have been really conscious about my health status. Yes, I do live with 2 nurses at home, one’s practicing (my nanay), but it was only a few months back when I started taking my health more seriously. That’s why I’m thankful for ourContinue Reading