Review: Frontline Plus for your Dogs

by | May 8, 2012

WARNING: This post isn’t for the fainthearted. I do review other products here aside from cosmetics, hence the name Pinay Reviewer. Besides, you might find this useful too if you have pets of your own.

If you also follow my posts on my personal blog, you probably already know how much I love dogs and cats. Currently, we have 4 dogs, 3 cats and 2 kittens. You can only imagine how crazy it can get with all these pets at home, but we love them so much. It breaks my heart when I remember that we lost 2 of our Persian kittens because of the intense heat recently, but now, we have a bigger concern with our favorite (shhhh) dog Marcel, a schweenie (shih-tzu and dachshund).

Marcel, our lovable schweenieHe’s such a rock star 😉

Early part of April, we noticed there were ticks on him. I know, that’s pretty normal. But, imagine my surprise when while playing with him, when he jumped up to me, I saw ticks all over his body that I swear, I almost cried. It was the worst tick infestation I’ve ever seen in a dog, so I was deeply worried about his health and how all the itching, biting and blood-sucking affect him. Right away, I searched the web looking for the fastest way I can find to get rid of them damn ticks.

The ticks on our poor dog MarcelI was deeply worried about Marcel’s health because ticks can cause diseases that can be fatal to him and can even be passed on to us. We’ve already noticed him losing his appetite because of it, and so I had to find a solution right away. I didn’t want to bring him to the veterinarian anymore ’cause the last time we did, we were overcharged. Good thing I had a high school batchmate who happens to be a vet and I know a couple of people who have used the product themselves and can attest to how effective it is. Oh, I’m talking about Frontline Plus.

Upon research, I learned that Frontline Plus works by causing hyper-excitation in parasites like ticks and fleas, resulting to disorientation and killing them within 24 hours. There are 2 Frontline products you can use – the Spot On treatment and the spray. As far as I know, they’re the fastest anti-ticks and fleas treatment out there.

Frontline Plus for dogs and cats

How to Apply the Frontline Plus Spot On Treatment

The Spot On treatment is used by applying the contents of the vial directly to the skin of the dog. It then moves into the sebaceous gland just underneath the dog’s skin. This gland replenishes the product into the pet’s skin and coat, which is why Frontline Plus has an effect that can last up to 2 to 3 months. Here’s a video of how to apply it:

I bought it from an online seller on Sulit (Update: from seller Tropico). They have 3 variants available – for small breed dogs (10kg and below – Php 450/vial), medium breed dogs (10-20kg – Php 460), and large breed (20-40kg – Php 500). I purchased 2 vials of Frontline Plus for medium-breed dogs, and we applied it right away on Marcel.

Frontline Plus vial for medium breed dogs

IMPORTANT: Please take note that you should not bathe your dog 2 days before AND after applying Frontline Plus Spot On for maximum effect and for the product to spread out more quickly through the oil glands of dogs.

How to apply Frontline Plus Spot On on your dog

Guess what. In less than 24 hours after I applied Frontline Plus, I saw ticks falling off Marcel. When I checked him, I saw a couple of ticks at the outer ends of his fur and I was able to quickly take them off. In about 2 days, almost all of the ticks on him were dead. They were all over the house, we had to clean constantly. It was THAT effective!

Marcel looks like this now and should stick to this look til we get rid of the ticks

Sadly, ticks came back on Marcel because we weren’t able to clean up or get rid of the infestation here at home. Plus, I heard that when you experience such tick infestation, you have to get the dog groomed, shave him if you need to, to get rid of all the traces of the eggs and larvae of ticks and fleas on him. We just had him shaved earlier today, and I’ll be re-applying Frontline Plus Spot On within the next few days and I’m waiting for the spray to completely eradicate all possible hideouts of these parasites at our home.

The Frontline Spray

The Frontline spray, according to my vet HS batchmate, can also be used to kill the infestation around our home. I’m not sure if it’ll really work, but I’m willing to spend money to see it for myself. Our dogs’ and cats’ health are at risk here, and I’ve learned my lesson.

Frontline Spray to get rid of ticks on your dogs

We’ve lost and even had our own funeral arrangements for 2 puppies (Mocha and Negneg), our dog of almost a decade (Stacie – I still love you and miss you) and 3 kittens in the past 2 years. It’s so heartbreaking to lose pets that we consider to be part of our family, that’s why we take necessary precautions to keep them safe around our home.

Going back to the spray, pet shops / online stores sell them in 100 and 250-ml bottles. The 100ml usually sells at Php 650 and up, while the bigger one sells at around Php 1,000+. As soon as I get hold of a spray, I’ll update this post and I’ll let you know if it works and will give you the price and where I bought it from too.

UPDATE (05/16/2012)I bought my Frontline Plus vials from seller Tropico on Sulit. I also bought the Frontline spray.  Not sure if it’s as effective, or if I got genuine products from the other online store where I bought it. I only sprayed it on places where Marcel usually stays and where we’ve seen some ticks crawling. BUT, I’ll try this again on Marcel this coming week. Otherwise, I’ll use the Frontline Plus Spot On again.

How to Apply Frontline Spray

Applying Frontline spray is different from the Spot On. It also has a quicker effect, but you need to make sure you’re using latex gloves when spraying all over your dog. When you get to the face, you should put some of the product on your gloved hand and rub that to your dog’s coat / skin.

TIP: According to my vet HS batchmate, it’s best to apply the sprayed on product in front of an electric fan so the product will dry faster. Of course, the air shouldn’t be going towards you as the product can be just as harmful to humans if ingested or inhaled too much. Be careful when rubbing the product all over your dog, ensuring you avoid their eyes and mouth.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Will I recommend Frontline Plus to get rid of ticks on dogs? YES! BUT, if you know a trustworthy vet, go have your dog or cat checked. But, if you feel like doing it all by yourself, be careful.

But, aside from using Frontline, make sure you always check your dog for ticks and fleas. Also, clean your house thoroughly. You’d be surprised to see a couple of ticks and fleas laying somewhere in your house.

Where did I buy my supply of Frontline Plus? I’ll tell you where as soon as my second purchase goes through smoothly. But, you can send me an email and I’ll forward you their information. I prefer to recommend online sellers on Sulit when I’ve bought 2 or more items from them.

UPDATE (05/16/2012): I bought my Frontline Plus vials from seller Tropico on Sulit. I also bought the Frontline spray.  Not sure if it’s as effective, or if I got genuine products from the other online store where I bought it. I only sprayed it on places where Marcel usually stays and where we’ve seen some ticks crawling. BUT, I’ll try this again on Marcel this coming week. Otherwise, I’ll use the Frontline Plus Spot On again.

Care to share your experience with Frontline Plus? Feel free to tell us through the comments section. For more information about Frontline Plus and on ticks and fleas, visit the following sites:

Marcel after a few weeks of being shaved the first time


  1. Cootiebootie

    Hello problem po is…our puppy had a flea and ticks po kc npabayaan..we wo go to vet regularly n po..kaya may neighbor po kc kmi n maraming aso n askal…and i think po n s knila naggaling kc evryday we tried clean and make sure n ala na pero After a day meron n nman ..we tried to not let him go outside n po..ang problema nkkita ko po n .nggagaling s labas ng bahay nmin ung mga fleas and tick..possible po ba un..?? u hav suggestion po ba n hndi tmawid ung mga fleas.pwde po ba i spray s whole house ung spray nla?,??ty po..

    • blankPixels

      Ganun ginawa namin eh. Nag-spray kami sa mga tinatambayan ni Marcel para mapatay yung lahat ng garapata. Medyo mahirap yung sitwasyon nyo, but I think if kaya naman bumili ng spray to cover yung buong house, why not? Baka kasi may mga eggs or ticks na nakatambay sa bahay nyo.

  2. myfayelady

    Thanks for the infos.

  3. Ian

    meron bang bilihan ng frontline na hindi online? salamat.:)

    • blankPixels

      I think so. I’m not sure where to buy though. Most probably mga veterinary clinics, they have it.

  4. Sam

    Oh! I forgot, my fur baby stays with me in my room, but just recently after the stormy days, our housekeeper found some in the room. Though, I know that my fur baby got affected from our other cross-breed large dog in the house, which really has ticks & fleas. My question is, is it safe to spray on Frontline Spray inside the room? Perhaps, kindly advice what to do…thanks!

    • blankPixels

      Hi, Sam. Yes, you can use Frontline Spray inside your room. I did that before I used Frontline Plus so there won’t be any ticks or fleas that would stick to our dog afterwards.

  5. Sam

    Hi there, first off, thanks for this review as I am intending to buy Frontline Plus for my fur baby. Rainy days would surely aggravate spread of ticks & fleas, and also when you have more than one pet in the house. Anyways, I have a question, is this Frontline Plus fine to apply even when the pet has no ticks or fleas? Say, for prevention purpose?

    • blankPixels

      Hmmmm… to be honest, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Maybe using the Frontline spray would be better.

  6. gail

    Hi! I’m very desperate now because my 7month old shitzu has a flea and ticks and super dami na talaga. Can you send me the information of the online seller so I can buy a frontline? I’m from Cebu City. Please I need your help. Thank you!

  7. carla

    hello! just to confirm – you used Frontline spray for the house? and you bought both from Tropico? is he/she the seller you recommend buying from? thanks please. im soo desperate..

    • blankPixels

      I didn’t buy the spray from Tropico because I was trying a different store, but Tropico sells both. I highly recommend you buy both through them.

      And Frontline works talaga. Good luck!

  8. Ray

    Is this OK for 8 week old puppies?

    • blankPixels

      I would recommend you use the one for smaller dogs. But, like always, I highly suggest you ask a vet first.

      If I was in your situation, I’d shave the puppy first, get rid of the ticks, disinfect the areas where he stays. I’m not comfortable about using such an effective product on a young puppy kasi.

  9. Arvin Vicente

    Thank you ma’am for the review i’ll post it to my Facebook acnt:
    Frontline products is very effective if your going to use it right.. after putting the spot on or spray make sure that you going to disinfect your place also because there might be tick or flea hidden in some corners of your house..More power and God bless!!
    For online Pet supplies:,Floating+Menu,View+Your+Sulit+Shop 
    —More power and God bless!! =))

  10. doglover

    dapat hindi paliguan ang aso ng 3-5 days saka lagyan ng frontline.. that’s how it works to be more effective. then leave the oil in 24 hours.

    • blankPixels

      Yes, I know that. Actually, recommended is 2 days before and after. It was effective, but the problem was we didn’t disinfect the places here so the ticks went back. I said all this in my post. 😉

      The spray, I haven’t used on my dog yet. Just on the places where he usually stays.

  11. JoMi

    Mhel, we use FRONTLINE for all of our dogs. Along time ago, when we had Tick Infestations on our pets, we tried to get rid of it by just giving them a bath and using some anti-tick and lice soap and shampoo. And, removing the ticks and lice one by one. But, it didn’t help at all, then, our trusted vet recommended this product. We bought the big bottle, it was around P1,250. After we gave our dogs a bath; we sprayed the areas where ticks and lice are hiding. It literally killed them instantly. After a few minutes, we saw lots of dead ticks and lice on the floor. Since, then we only use this product for our dogs. I just hope that the manufacturer put in a protective plastic wrap or seal on the bottles, to make sure that the product quality will still be the same, and it won’t get re-bottled by some greedy store owners… =)

    • blankPixels

      I think the sellers are reliable, but we’ll have to see. The seller where I bought the vials were okay. They sent them over in a small plastic container to ensure the vials are safe. 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback, JoMi! I’ll definitely go buy the spray. I just burned a few corners here where I saw some larvae of these fricking ticks. Hehehe.


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