Review: Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Proudly Pink Brush Set

by | May 4, 2012

*Phew* What a long name for a brush set, but I’m sure you ladies will be giddy about this! Make sure you read ’til the bottom of the post for an announcement. 🙂

Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Proudly Pink Brush Set

I’ve been constantly talking about how I’m just learning how to apply makeup properly. My eyebrows are still my major struggle, but in the past few months, I believe I’ve improved a lot in my makeup application. After watching numerous videos from my favorite makeup gurus (local and international), I learned that one of the most important makeup tools I need to have is a brush set. Early this year, I was convinced enough to buy me a brush set. However, I don’t like bringing some of them with me ’cause of hygiene reasons. I’ve been planning on buying a new set for traveling, so imagine how glad I was when House of Flair, one of my top online stores where you can pre-order items from your favorite US stores, sent me over this Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Proudly Pink Brush Set to review.

White handle, pink bristles - LOVELY!

I must admit, I’m not a big fan of pink, but when I received this brush set, my kikay, girly self emerged and almost squealed in excitement. “Pink brushes!!!!”, she exclaimed. 😀 And when I posted a photo of this on my Facebook wall (personal), almost every lady I know liked and expressed how much they wanted it.

To know the story behind the brush set and its name, you can take a look at the back of the box. It’s a project by professional makeup artist Sonia Kashuk (a breast cancer survivor) and Target, a popular store in the US.

Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Proudly Pink Brush Set - back of box

The brushes come with their own silver clutch casing. I bring this now everywhere I go, with my blush and lippie in it too.

Silver clutch case makes bringing these brushes more convenient

I love the brushes’ look – pink bristles, white handle, with Sonia Kashuk’s logo and the pink ribbon. There are 5 brushes – powder / blusher brush, eye shadow brush, crease brush, synthetic concealer brush, and bent eyeliner brush. I love all of them, except the e/s brush.

5 brushes included in the Sonia Kashuk Breast Cancer Awareness Proudly Pink Brush Set

The powder / blusher brush, I mainly use now to for applying blush. The bristles are so soft, which I absolutely adore. 🙂

I love the powder slash blush brush in this set

The crease brush is my second favorite because of how it packs on product / makeup, which makes it easy for me to apply eye shadow on my crease and outer V, and letting me blend them out quite easily.

I didn’t like the eye shadow brush so much, but I use it now for blending. 🙂

The Proudly Pink eye shadow and crease brushes

The concealer brush makes it smoother to apply product on areas of my face that I need to cover up (like scars, darkness under my eyes).

My favorite among the 5 brushes in this set is the bent eyeliner brush. I swear, I’ve used all sorts of eye liner brushes, and this one tops my list! I have been using gel eyeliner recently, and this brush just glides on smoothly, making the whole application easier for me.

Concealer and my favorite bent eyeliner brush!

The thing is, I forgot to use a different e/s for this look, so the dark brown gel eyeliner I had on wasn’t that evident. And I also forgot to take a closer photo. Tee hee. 😛 Just trust me on this! 🙂

A quick makeup look I made

These brushes are now my top favorite, along with my Sigma F80 brush. If you travel or you go out a lot, and you like pink, this one is a must-have!

Since this brush set is not available locally, you can pre-order this online through House of Flair. Their online store is not just for cosmetics though, as you can pre-order any product from any US online store, except for gadgets and food. It can be magazines, collector’s or limited edition items, books, shoes, bags, clothes, home items, kids’ toys, etc. Head on over to House of Flair on Multiply to find out more details about how to pre-order.

This brush set includes a case and 5 brushes

Watch out for my next post where House of Flair and me, Pinay Reviewer, will be giving away this lovely Sonia Kashuk 5 Piece Travel Brush Set AND Php 500 voucher that you can use to shop through their store.

Sonia Kashuk 5 Piece Travel Brush Set

For now, you can already start following House of Flair at the following channels:

Giveaway mechanics to be posted over the weekend. 😉

My final look


  1. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    I’ve been eyeing this for awhile now. And I love it mostly because it’s pink! 🙂

  2. Gaylee

    Nice set!! My brush set is starting to send signals that I have to replace them soon. Am looking forward to joining your giveaway and try my luck, hihihi!

  3. Jade

    Ang cute nang lalagyan niya! Papabasa ko sa partner ko to…. sana bilhan ako.. thanks sa review mhel.


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