For My Hair, I Trust Only Clear for Women

People who know me from decades ago would tell you that they’re surprised whenever they see me wearing clothes in any color other than black. I’ve long had this fascination over this color that had drawn me into almost always buying any black-colored piece of clothing or accessory I could find.

I love, love, love black! - PinayReviewer.comThat’s me, second from the left, in black on my 23rd birthday with my high school best friends.

So, imagine my frustrations when I had to force myself to wear pieces of clothing in other colors just because of one major hair problem I began to experience because of all the stress and weather-damage – dandruff.

It all started a few years ago when I was working as a supervisor in one of the call centers in the Metro. The stressful nights and being always in a fully air-conditioned office caused major dandruff issues that I had to try different shampoos to get the results I wanted. And thank goodness I discovered Clear anti-dandruff shampoo.

The new Clear shampoo for Women -

Trust me, I’ve tried EVERY other anti-dandruff shampoo out there and I never got any satisfying results than what Clear for Women has given me. Most of the anti-dandruff shampoos I’ve tried left my hair all dry and unmanageable. That is why my whole family uses Clear now. Yes, even my bro Ken and our dad.

New Clear Shampoo for Men -

The new Clear for Men and for Women boasts of Nutrium 10, an advanced formulation that nourishes the scalp 3 layers-deep, targetting dandruff itch and dryness at their very source. Both of these shampoos also increase the scalp’s resistance, thus making your hair stronger from the roots to the tips, another reason why I love the new Clear for Women as I also have major hair fall issues. Good thing I’ve got thicker hair than my bro.

Clear for Men Cool Sport Menthol shampoo -

My bro loves Clear for Men Cool Sport Menthol. He prefers to come out of the bathroom with his scalp feeling all fresh and clean. And he also enjoys the benefit of less hair fall especially now that he’s studying to become a professional chef. Hair falling into the food he prepares is a definite no-no for obvious reasons. 😀

The new Clear shampoo for Men and Women and Nourishing Conditioner for dandruff-free, beautiful hair -

My nanay and I love Clear Nourishing Conditioner. I particularly enjoy its fragrance, like you’re wearing perfume after using it. And I love the bounce and body it gives my hair. Just look at how soft and manageable my hair was after using it. I now know why Bea Alonzo turned to the new Clear for Women. It does give your hair that lustrous edge.

My naturally wavy hair looks and feels soft and manageable after using Clear shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner - PinayReviewer.comYes, I’ve got naturally wavy hair and just look at how soft and manageable it looked on this photo taken last Friday. I used Clear for Women Complete Soft Care + Nourishing Conditioner. 🙂

Just like what Piolo Pascual said about using Clear for Men, “It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can face my fans with confidence.” I mean, seriously. Should we even worry about dandruff when there are far more better things to focus our attention on?

Bea Alonzo and Piolo Pascual trust Clear over any other anti-dandruff shampoo -

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