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FREE Regatta Summer Tote Promo : Ends March 25th!

FREE Regatta Summer Tote Promo : Ends March 25th!

In a few weeks, it’s officially summer. I know a lot of you have already planned your summer getaways (I haven’t… waah 😐 ) and part of it is shopping for new outfit suitable and comfortable enough for your vacation under the heat of the sun. So, I thought you might be interested in thisContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Giveaways Galore #2

This blog has been utterly neglected because of my schedule. You’d think that after 2 months since the day I started at my new job, I’ve completely adjusted. But, no. 🙁 I’m still struggling to sleep in the afternoon ’til my next shift ends. And I’ve got too many tasks unrelated to my actual workContinue Reading

Giveaways Galore #1

Since I barely have time now to share all the giveaways I wanted to join or have awesome prizes, I thought I’ll just do a quick weekly roundup for you. The prizes may range from gift certificates, beauty products, gadgets, and more. If you have a giveaway you’d like me to include on every GiveawayContinue Reading