Tips for Your Homecoming Party

Are you excited about your upcoming homecoming party? May it be with your high school or college class, preparing for the event can be really stressful, so I hope to help you with these tips that should make your life a little easier, especially if you are planning on impressing people or you simply want to have fun with old friends and acquaintances. 🙂

Homecoming party


Get all the information.

Before you head out to buy your dress or shoes for the event, make sure you get all the information first. What’s the theme of the party? How about the dress code? What time would it be and where would it be held? Knowing all these information would help you decide in the next phase of the preparation.


Buy your tickets!

If the ticket is not pricey, then go ahead and buy the tickets ahead of time. If you’re not yet decided on whether you’d be going or not, at least you’ve got yourself covered just in case you wanted to come at the very last minute.


Find the perfect dress!

Now this is the fun part. I’m sure you have physically changed over the past years, so the dresses you wore back in high school or even in college might not work for you now.

Make sure you buy a dress that highlights your best features. If you want a more mature look, I say go for a dress that shows off your back or your neck and chest.

Don’t go too skimpy on the dress. Keep it sophisticated by going for something flowy or just an inch or two above your knee. If you ask me though, I’d rather go for homecoming dresses that are a li’l longer but shows off some skin by flaunting my neck and top, just like the red dress pictured below. 🙂

Homecoming dresses

There are many shops you can visit, and even online stores, so make sure you scour their catalog first before deciding on what you’ll wear.

And, of course, pick a dress you’d feel more comfortable in. You wouldn’t want to be wearing something too tight, too loose or too short. Go for a dress that’ll make you still look sexy without limiting your (dance) moves. 😉


Shop for shoes wisely.

Your shoes is just as important as your dress. You have to ensure that they’re a perfect match. The wrong shoes may ruin your entire look, so this is an important decision as well.

Shoes for your homecoming party

What I’ll recommend is go for a pair of shoes that you’re comfortable in. I highly recommend you avoid heels that are too high. You want to look good, but not to a point where you sacrifice having a good time, right?


Updo hairstyle for homecomingPick a hairstyle and makeup to polish your whole ensemble.

Important tip: Don’t decide on a hairstyle or makeup look on the day itself. Pick a look a few days early, so you have time to edit if necessary.

You have to take into consideration the time of day when the event is happening. If it’s in the afternoon when the sun’s still up, go for a more natural look with browns or earthy colors for your makeup. If it’s at night, I recommend darker shades with a smokey eye. Then, top it off with a li’l glitter. 😉

For your hairstyle, you have to consider the dress you’re wearing. I don’t usually like curling my hair, but I see a lot of women doing this. Just don’t do anything permanent. Instead, use a curling iron to style your hair or to give it more body. Also, decide if you should let your hair down and wear it straight.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget to condition your hair so your locks would look luscious come homecoming day. And stick to a beauty regimen and sleep well, and moisturize your face so you’ll look your best at the event.


How will you get there?

If you don’t have a car or a close friend who’s also coming and is willing to take you to the homecoming, then by all means, go ahead and take a cab. No need to spend too much on transportation like a luxury car or limo. It’s just one night. Spare yourself the unnecessary expenses.


Who are you coming with?

I think this has got to be the most important factor to consider. Don’t go to the homecoming with someone just because you had to or you were forced. Feel free to go by yourself. I’m sure there are others who’ll be attending who’s going solo and you get to hang out with anyone you like without worrying about your ‘date’ or the friends you came with to the party.

The reason why this is important is the amount of fun you’ll have at the party also depends on who you’re coming with. If they’re a bunch of bitter, judgmental people, wouldn’t you rather go alone?

I say if you want to have a really good time, go with people you genuinely like and who are really fun to be around. And if you happen to be asked by someone special, like maybe your crush from back in the days, then, good for you. Just don’t be pressured to do anything after, if you know what I mean.


Bring a camera or smartphone!

Of course, don’t miss to bring your own camera or smartphone to take photos at the party. This way, you can relive the experience and share the photos with the other attendees as well. Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your outfit! 😉


Be safe and have fun!

Don’t drink and drive. Stay safe! Your homecoming party doesn’t happen again after many years, so go ahead and party! 🙂 But, don’t get too carried away.

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