Timbre : Experience the Different Hues of Music

I remember this movie (based on a real life story) in the 80s where a guy named Rocky was trying to “show” his blind friend how the different colors look or feel like. He described the color red by letting her touch a hot stone. Then, he handed her a bulk of cotton to share how the color blue feels like. It was a very memorable scene for me because I realized that it’s true – all our senses are interconnected.

What colors represent the different genres of music

Whenever I listen to music in the comforts of my room, or even when I have my earphones on when I’m outside, I tend to close my eyes whenever I hear one of my favorite songs playing. May it be something loud to help me vent all the negative energies in me or a soulful song, you can, most of the time, see me closing my eyes just so I can completely surrender myself into the music. Whenever I do, I see all sorts of colors and images drifting through the darkness as the song plays along.

So, when I learned about Timbre, a brand that promises to give everyone that experience of enjoying the different hues of music, I knew I have to support it. 🙂

Timbre - The Color of Music

Timbre wants us to experience music in a whole different way, through visual audio – music translated to art – through the concept of sound-color synaesthesia. How will they do this? Through headphone art that doesn’t only come in vibrant colors, but also represents something – may it be your favorite band in the 80s, your preferred genre of music, or even remarkable places or artists.

The concept of sound-color synaesthesia

As much as I’d love to tell you more about Timbre, for now, that’s all I can share. Stay tuned, though, in the coming weeks as Timbre and me here on Pinay Reviewer unveil more about the brand, the art and the concept.  Check out Timbre’s website: http://www.timbreheadphones.com/.

It's more than just artwork - it's visual audio

To prepare yourself, on your next sound trip session, try closing your eyes. What are the colors you see when you listen to R&B? How about rock music? Let me know about your experience. 🙂

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