Introducing : Timbre Gitara Headphones

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the new Filipino brand of headphones Timbre (pronounced as tam-ber). I am so glad to finally get to reveal to you the first design of the Timbre headphones that is all about Filipino pride and support for our own music – Gitara.

The Timbre Gitara headphones screams Pinoy pride! Will be available in stores in December 2011

The whole design concept behind the Gitara headphone is a collaboration between Timbre and one of the top and most popular design studios in the Philippines, Team Manila.

We got to interview Paul, the guy behind Timbre, and he gladly shared with us how he came up with the concept of Timbre. He believed it was about time for a Pinoy to come out with our own brand of headphones to promote, not only Pinoy pride, but support of local music or OPM.

Timbre supports local music

Timbre is a design-driven brand of headphones, thus the use of the byline “The Color of Music”. This concept is based on the idea that there’s a synesthete in all of us and with the use of graphics design, they want us to visualize what shapes, colors and compositions will represent a certain genre of music.

The first design of the Timbre headphones is inspired by the widely known foundation of Pinoy music – the guitar or gitara in Filiipno. Quite fittingly, if you ask me, for them to use this concept as I was amazed by the whole design.

The Timbre Gitara headphone design is inspired by one of the cornerstones of Filipino music

Of course, there’s the usual sun symbol on one side of the headphones – an element you’d usually find in Filipino-inspired designs.

Timbre headphones teamed up with design studio Team Manila for the Gitara design

The texture of the whole headphone is made of matte material. The headphones itself were made in China, but the design was, again, a product of Team Manila. Thus this was tagged as Timbre x Team Manila Jamming. Pretty cool, eh?

Timbre headphones in gold-grey and charcoal black on white

The cord is made of flat fabric and is detachable. You can also fold the headphones for easy storage.

The Timbre headphone is foldable for easy storage

The back side of the part that sits on top of your head is covered with some kind of cushion so you won’t feel the thick plastic that much.

It fits comfortably on my head. Though it’s made of thick material, it didn’t feel heavy and it adjusted quite well to the shape of my head.. 🙂

The Timbre headphone fits comfortably on my head

I have yet to test out the durability of the Timbre headphones, but it looks sturdy to me. I’ve had a few bad experiences with my past purchases and ownership of headphones, but I’ve got high hopes on this one.

Specifications of these Timbre headphones

Above is a photo of the specifications of the Timbre Gitara headphones. I have yet to officially test the quality of its audio output, but from my short trial, it’s above average. I’ll keep you posted when I get a review unit and finally test it with my favorite jams.

A bit of info about the brand Timbre and what they're all about

Timbre Gitara headphones are available in 2 colors – gold-gray and charcoal black on white, and gold-tan and brick red on black. Though I love black, I prefer the white one ‘cause the design is more vivid on it, don’t you agree? 😉

Timbre Gitara headphones come in 2 colors

The Timbre Gitara headphones are scheduled to hit local music and tech stores next month, December 15th, priced at Php 2,499, at the following stores:

  • Team Manila Lifestyle
  • The A Shop
  • Mobile1
  • Analog Soul
  • Vinyl on Vinyl
  • The Sole Project
  • Wooden Canvass

Timbre - The Color of Music

For more information about Timbre Gitara headphones, you can find them on Facebook ( or check their website (

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