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When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to have here along with my reviews is a way for people to send in their complaints against taxi cabs and drivers. I don’t have my own car so I’ve been riding cabs for a really long time now and I’ve had a ton of crazy, maddening and sometimes funny experiences with taxi drivers. So, I thought it’ll be nice to have a place for people to share their own taxi horror stories. I put up a form here where people can send in their complaints and I’ve published a couple of posts too related to these abusive taxi drivers and companies.

There were a couple of emails and messages sent my way, but because of my other responsibilities, I wasn’t able to maintain it. And, so, I’m glad to know that someone else thought about putting up a taxi complaint website like Taxi Kick. - Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

Taxi Kick is a very simple website. All you have to do is fill up a form to report your complaint about your most recent bad experience with a taxi driver or company.

Taxi Kick - a way to report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

They have a page where you can see all the latest reports and the top complaints too. There’s a total # of reports per day that’s also posted on the page, plus a list of taxi plate numbers that are getting the most complaints.

The thing is, from what I know, they’re not directly connected to LTFRB or MMDA. So, what they do is they collate all the reports and they send it to the proper authorities. Sadly, most of us would think there’s truly no assurance that proper action will be taken against the abusive taxi driver or at least the cab company involved. But, at least, this is a start, right? Take part and see how it works.

Now, if you think submitting a complaint ends there, you’re wrong. Of course, they have to assume the taxi company or driver is innocent ‘til proven guilty. Yes, there’s due process. Here’s the process flow of what happens after Taxi Kick, taken from their Facebook page.

Process flow of complaints after Taxi Kick

After you filled up the form, you will be prompted to enter your contact information. I don’t have a screenshot since it’ll require me to enter an actual report first.

They’re also developing an app for smartphones so you can immediately submit a report while you’re still inside the taxi or as soon as you get off. Right now, they have a mobile site that’s easy to use on your own phones too.

I say hats off to all the people behind Taxi Kick. I do hope this will be a complete success and that LTFRB and MMDA will do their part.

Until I get my own car, I know I’ll continue to be pestered by these taxi drivers. I’ll start using Taxi Kick for my more serious complaints and I’ll see what will happen. I wish though I have a mobile home so my only worries would be bills for RV repair, gas, etc, and not dealing with abusive drivers, and I can go wherever I want to. 😀

Oh, in case you haven’t read my post about  MGE, the only taxi cab company I trust, click here. We were able to interview one of their cab drivers and he gave us some inside information about the policies of their company. 🙂


Taxi Kiss

Of course, if there are rude, abusive drivers, there are also many kind and respectful ones. We tend to be more proactive in complaining. For me, it’s important to also pay attention to those who are doing a good job in providing us service we’re paying for. For some of us, we may be commending them through giving tips, saying a sincere “Thank you”, or by simply being friendly towards them. This time, you have another way of appreciating them – through Taxi Kiss.

It’s all virtual. 😀 They have a form up there using Google Docs and you can view all of the submissions too. I wish there’s some kind of rewards program for this, like give incentives to those who have been consistently commended by passengers. 😉


Have you tried Taxi Kick? Please share your experience at the comments section. 🙂

This is not a sponsored post, for your info. Just supporting a cause that’ll hopefully gain more momentum in the next months and years as a tool to help discipline drivers and for the safety of passengers like me.

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