Taxi Complaints Case #1 : Rude Driver, Tampered Meter

Back when I was working as a call center supervisor, most of the time, I was assigned to come in to work during the wee hours of the night. So, I had no choice, but, to ride taxi cabs on my way to work.

My work was so freaking tiresome, so, most of the time, my partner Mai and I hail taxi cabs on our way back home. We also ride a taxi after grocery shopping or on our way home from the mall.

Taxi in the Philippines - And through the years, we’ve gotten too familiar with the usual taxi fare we pay. We learned how to check if the meter of the taxi we’re riding wasn’t tinkered. We also discovered a lot of the common excuses and dirty tricks of taxi drivers to try to unfairly get more money out of their passengers. We’ve seen them all.

In those years, we also gotten into a lot of fights/arguments with taxi drivers. There were even times that the taxi drivers were too guilty that they didn’t ask us to pay anymore. Ack. We’ve seen and heard them all, I tell yah. I even had a longgggg list of taxi cab plate numbers of all the rude, unfair and cheating taxi cab drivers and companies we’ve encountered throughout all those years.

So, I’ve decided to come up with a section on this blog for Taxi Cab Complaints. In this section of Pinay Reviewer, I will be posting my complaints against taxi cab companies and drivers who were rude, unfair and cheated me out of my hard-earned money.

Taxi Complaints -

The Taxi Complaints section serves as my public service to all to warn other people about the taxi cabs that they should avoid hailing, and, hopefully, to also get these taxi companies take action to fix the complaints or issues I will write about here.

The Taxi Complaints section is also OPEN TO ALL of my fellow Pinoys who had bad experiences riding taxi cabs. If you want me to feature your complaints, please use the Report a Taxi form. Give as much information as you can about the incident, the taxi cab and driver.

As soon as I have a decent amount of complaints, I will send the links to the Philippine government agencies that can do something about it (LTFRB), so, they know that these issues are going on. We need to get those rude and cheating taxi cabs off the highway for everyone’s sake!

I will be posting a list of all the taxi cabs, companies and drivers that have been reported here and that were on my list in the past years, which will serve as reference for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, Mai and I love giving tips to taxi cab drivers who deserve it. Heck, we even gave a Php 150 tip because we were so freaking happy with the taxi driver’s demeanor throughout the trip. So, ranting about these rude taxi drivers and tampered taxi meters is something we wanted to do for so long to prevent them from fooling someone else… or at least, lessen their victims.

For the first episode of Taxi Complaints, here’s an incident that happened to us one night going home from the airport.


Taxi Complaints Case #1 -



Date & Time:
May 21, 2010 at around 6:30pm

Taxi Cab Company & Contact #:
Jareneizel – 444-8450

Taxi’s Plate #:
TXG – 123

Tampered taxi meter and rude driver


Jareneizel Taxi - TXG 123 -

We took this cab from Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on May 21st at around 6:00 pm. We only dropped off my partner Mai’s family so we didn’t have any baggages with us.

We immediately saw that the meter of the Jareneizel taxi was tampered with since the fare displayed on it was quickly increasing. Mai and I were trying to real hard to ignore it and just let it be since we were in a bit of a hurry to get back home. The fare was increasing really quickly that we were afraid we’ll be paying Php 100-150 more than we usually pay without our consent.

What ticked us off was when the driver started to complain. He kept on mumbling all sorts of complaints. The traffic was heavy on our way to Roxas Boulevard. We asked him to take that direction ’cause we know it’s the faster way to Malabon.

The driver kept on complaining, to the point that he was starting to bang the steering wheel, and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I told him to stop his complaints about the traffic because his taxi’s meter was so freaking fast anyway, it’ll even be good for him that we’re stuck in traffic. Then, he started insisting there’s nothing wrong with his taxi meter. We told him it’s not our first time to ride a taxi from the airport to our home, and pass the same streets with that same traffic, so we know that his meter’s really tampered.

The driver started to get defensive and was yelling at us. It was pretty funny to watch. We’ve seen that before. He’s upset ’cause he’s guilty. He knows about the "butingting". So, we told him that he shouldn’t be mad at us. We were just telling him that there’s something wrong with the taxi meter, we weren’t telling him we won’t pay him. I told him that he should’ve just said "Pardon, ma’am. I’ll let the management know about that." (Pasensya na po, sasabihan ko po ang management namin). But, nooooo. He started getting personal, telling us we’re just trying to trick him into not paying. Hilarious, really. We’ve had other taxi drivers telling us the same thing. *LOL*

So, I told him to just shut up and drive us to our destination. I also said we don’t have problems paying any amount as long as it’s fair. And I told him to just drive and we’ll pay whatever amount your meter displays once we reach our destination.

He got really upset and I’m betting his ego got the better of him. So, he said, he doesn’t need our money. And, to our surprise, he stopped his taxi at the side of the road, near SM MOA, and asked us to get off. We gladly did while laughing our butts off. Mai said to him before we got off, "You don’t need our money, but, you’re a taxi driver?".

I mean, really. We were ready to ignore how fast and tampered his meter is. But, his rudeness and nonstop complaints were intolerable! Sheesh! Imagine, the taxi meter already displays Php 180 and we were just near MOA. That’s how fast his meter was going!

We were trying to hire another taxi, but, all that passed us already had passengers. So, we decided to head off to MOA and take a cab from there in the hopes that we’ll have better luck.

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  • joseph

    sana lng po lumaban nmn ng parehas ang mga pasaway na taxi drivers karamihan kasi e mga “suwapang sa kita” e pare-pareho lng nmn tayong gustong kumita para sa pamilya andyan ung hihingan ka ng “plus 50” kesyo matraffic dw sa pupuntahan gaya ng naranasan ko knina kumuha ako ng taxi sa may maysilo circle mandaluyong city hall pagsakay ko at pgkasabing sa gma-7 tayo manong e plus 50 dw kc mtraffic dun sabi ko hindi nmn a kasi edsa nmn daan ntin nagpark sya sa tapat ng apartment nmin at umakyat ako para sunduin ang anak ko na siyang pasahero pagbaba nmin wala n ung taxi ang hirap pa nmn kumuha ng taxi pag ganitong nag-uuulan eto ang pl no ng taxi TXZ 804 FACE taxi

  • ANN

    I wanna file a complaint for the taxi with plate no.UVK-526 , just yesterday April 24 around 4 in the afternoon we were in a hospital in Bambang my mom was just discharged from the hospital and was sent home by her doctor because shes feeling qiute okey dad went out looking for a taxi cab and encounter this dad is chinese so you expect hes not fluent in tagalog but he talked to the driver and he said P. Guevarra Blumentritt sa palengke and ask the driver how much, the driver ask my dad how mch will he pay my dad said 150 pesos the driver agreed..then when we were in his taxi he was muttering words saying that the area is so traffic , he was asking for additional 50 pesos and that awhile ago theres a passenger who wants him to take him to the airport ,and was rude to my fatther repeating what my father is saying..but we didnt mind him because we are near our destination, when i was showing him where to turn he said that he knows the area coz he just lived near so told him alam mo pala..i told him to turn left he was complaining and said that di sya papasok di daw sya pumapasok sa palengke and was asking for additional 50 pesos so that he will enter the kalye..I was so angry and shouting at him coz my mom is still weak and cant walk..i told him wala kang consideration nakitang mong mahina yung pasahero pos gaganyanin mo kame sana di mangyari sayo tong ginagawa mo pumayag ka sa sa 150 pos rereklamo ka..He enters the kalye and said ito o pinasok ko na  when we arrived at our destination he was frightened coz a lot of the people heard me shouting and went near the taxi..The driver then said okey na sa 150 then i said irereklamo kita and he answred eh di magreklamo ka..and went out our way…
    One of his violation is nangongontrata sya ng pasahero nagcharged ng malaki at rude sa pasehero…okey lang naman na hingi sya additional as long as maganda sya makipagusap ang ayaw ko lang nung time na yun mahina mother ko hihirit sya ng ganun na wala sa lugar..anong akala nya na porke chinese di lalaban sa kanya..Please pakigawan nyo ng action para wala na syang mabiktima na iba…

  • Lifestruciton

    Good Day!

    i wanna file a complaint for the taxi with the plate no. UVK-280 on Feb, 14, 2012 at around 10:30PM.  The driver overcharged me P70 and he was complaining loud and rudely about me having only a P1000 bill.  I felt very uncomfortable and a bit threatened by his actions.  He was using vulgar language in his complaining and shouting. 

    Thank you.

  • Name

    We rode this white sentra plate number txn 246 taxi yesterday, Thursday Nov.18,2010, from eastwood to gateway. Everything seemed fine until we reached alimall area when I instructed the taxi to drop us off at the aurora entrance. The driver started muttering complaints that he still has to make a u-turn and other things. Once we got to aurora, we got down immediately and paid the amount shown in the meter. The driver started cursing us and got out of the vehicle. I continued to argue with him saying he didn’t need to shout and curse because we already paid for his services. He was obviously not calming down and he got out a metal pipe from his trunk and threatened to hit us with it. I immediately shouted PULIS because there was a QC officer around 1 block away from the incident. We started to walk away because he backed away when we shouted for help. But when he noticed the officer didn’t hear us, he got down from his taxi again and threw a bottle at us which hit me at the back. I noticed he was walking quickly toward us holding the metal pipe again. By this time we were closer to the officer and shouted for help again. THis time the yellow uniformed lady officer heard us and whistled to our direction. At this time, the taxi driver got back to his taxi again and finally decided to drive off quickly. It was a very traumatic experience for us since the driver wouldn’t back away and kept threatening to hurt us. Please do something about this. The safety of the tax-payers are at stake.