Ring a Brass Bell!

If you are looking for brass bells for sale to add to your collection as a new bell ringer or as a professional collector, you will be pleased with the large variety that is available and also the range of prices to fit into your budget. There are so many different types and sizes of bells that you could keep collecting them for years and never buy a duplicate!

Brass bells

Small brass bells can be a tiny quarter inch or up to four inches and can be easily displayed because they do not take up much room.

Hand bells are a part of many musical groups and community choirs as they add a delightful enhancement to the presentation. Even a novice can learn the basic cords on a brass hand bell and eventually take this phase of musical art to a higher level. The sound of this bell can also be rung to indicate when it is time for meals to be served or activities to be changed because the sound carries and can be heard in a large indoor space or outdoors.

Ship bells or nautical bells are made for yachts, fire houses, schools and other locations including in your home to go along with a decorative nautical theme. Unusual bells are embellished with a captain’s wheel or an anchor or another nautical object.

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