Review: UNLIPrintshoppe

When my computer shop underwent a transition to me being the sole owner and manager, I decided to make the whole place a little bit prettier. My target market were customers who are willing to pay more for a cozier computer rental place. One of the things I did to prettify the shop was to have customized mouse pads printed.

I searched high and low for a print shop that has a broad portfolio and found Unli Printshoppe on Multiply. They design and customize funny shirts, mugs, tumblers, and a lot more. I checked their samples for the customized mouse pads and liked how they looked. Plus, they boast of a long list of clients known nationwide, which you’d see right smack on the front page of their Multiply page.

I inquired at first and they sent me a private message (PM) with the price quote – Php 90.00 for each mouse pad that is 4mm thick and is made of cloth. I didn’t want anything that’s too slippery since most of my customers are gamers.

The price was affordable considering the fact that if I order a custom mouse pad off Artscow, I’d have to pay $5.88 each with a promo code that was available back then. Way too expensive!

So, I made the design for the mouse pad. sent it to them through email, paid for 12 mouse pads through their BPI account and waited.

My custom mouse pads that I use in my computer shop

After a day or two, I received the mouse pads. I was quite happy with how they all turned out, except for about 2 of them that had these white edges.

I figured they weren’t able to align the print properly on the mouse pad so I didn’t bother complaining. I fixed it by shading them with a black marker.

White edges on 2 of the 12 I bought

Overall, I was pretty happy. I just wished they did something to fix those with white edges. 😐

You can visit their Facebook account or Multiply page for their services, rates and how to order. Let’s support our local small business owners and entrepreneurs! Artscow is too expensive, I tell yah. 😀

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