Review: Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker

I know many of you are like me who can’t go anywhere without music. Sure, there are affordable and yet decent earphones or mobile phones that provide us with the quality of sound we want, but if you’re a traveler who enjoys playing music out loud, you might like this as much as I did – Soundfreaq’s Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker.

SoundFreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker Review

The audiophile in me looked forward to reviewing this Bluetooth speaker. I’ve heard so much raves about it being one of the top affordable portable speakers around which offers impressive sound quality. And, look, it’s all black! 😉


Sound Kick is a very good option for music-loving travelers because it’s light, wireless and compact. Well, unless you’re planning on bringing just a purse with you. 😉


If you’re ready to play music, you HAVE to pull out the extension chamber at the back. Otherwise, it won’t function. Also, doing this will produce full sound with a well-balanced bass, voice clarity and UQ3 spatial enhancement that can further give you much better audio.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick can be tilted when the extension chamber is fully extended

The extension chamber can also be used to tilt the speaker. Make sure you extend it far out ’til you see the marker line. I had a hard time pulling out the extension chamber, but possibly it only happens when it’s the first time use.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick marker line on the extension chamber

I won’t recommend using it this way though ’cause it’s not that stable. I don’t really feel the need to tilt it anyway.

There are two (2) ways you can play music with the Soundfreaq Sound Kick wireless speaker: through an AUX / audio-in jack or, of course, through Bluetooth.

On top of the speaker, you’d find 2 sets of buttons which are VERY sensitive. First are the play/pause, forward, back and PAIR buttons.


The other set is for volume control and UQ3 button, which enhances the quality of audio more when pressed.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick volume control buttons

To play audio through Bluetooth, just press the PAIR button and open your device’s Bluetooth. The white light in front of the speaker will blink indicating that it’s trying to connect. Search for Bluetooth devices on your device, and Sound Kick should be listed. Connect to it and wait for confirmation.

Bluetooth connection to Sound Kick

Once you’re connected, the white light in front will turn on steadily. You can then stream audio seamlessly from any application you have on your device. Heck, the Soundfreaq Sound Kick speaker even played my Calendar’s alarm tone. 😀

Soundfreaq Sound Kick paired with my Blackberry 9900

By the way, once your device is paired with Sound Kick, it remembers the connection. 🙂

Soundfreaq Sound Kick AUX in port

You can also play audio using the AUX IN port at the back. Use the cable that comes with the speaker to connect your device and that’s it! 🙂

Soundfreaq Sound Kick can play audio using the AUX in port

USB and power ports at the back of Sound Kick

Now, if for instance, you forgot your charger for your USB-chargeable devices, you can use the USB port at the back. You can charge your Blackberry, Android and Apple phones using Sound Kick, even when it’s running on its battery power.

You can charge the Soundfreaq Sound Kick through this power adapter

Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery which should last about seven (7) hours when fully charged. Once you’ve used up the battery power, you can recharge this using the power adapter.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick can play audio from any app on your device

My brother and I are very picky when it comes to sound systems, which is why we’re willing to pay a premium to get the quality of sound we want. With that said, we were extremely satisfied with Soundfreaq’s Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker‘s performance. The bass and treble are well-balanced. And, again, it’s compact and light.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick paired with Ken's iPod Touch

If you need more from a portable speaker like an internal mic, you won’t find that here. But, if you just want a straightforward mobile speaker, this is highly recommended.

PRICE: Php 4,950


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Other photos:


Soundfreaq Sound Kick cables

Back of Sound Kick

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