Review / Guide: Shipping with Xend Express

Update 1/15/2013: Looks like Xend has improved their service. I recommend you use them again, but if you have really valuable items to ship, I still recommend you go for LBC, JRS Express or Air21.

Update (9/14/2012): There have been many reports / complaints from customers of Xend Express recently that I have stopped using them. I’m currently shipping through Fastrack, which I will review next. For updates on Xend, please visit their Facebook page.

Ever since I started hosting giveaways, I have always opted to ship the prizes to the winners because, first, it encourages more people to join plus it’s really convenient, not just for them, but for me as well since I won’t have to worry about meeting up with them individually. In my search for the best courier service for this purpose, I found Xend Express.

Xend for your shipment needs

Why Choose Xend?

If you have a local business wherein you need to ship packages to any Philippine address, I highly recommend using Xend’s courier services. They offer more affordable rates than any other courier service I’ve encountered.

Here are my other reasons for choosing Xend:

  • They offer free pick-ups and they never failed in following the schedules. I’ve had a couple of late pick-ups from other courier services which had nearby branches / centers in Malabon.
  • Their partner for provincial deliveries is LBC so if you have concerns about shipping to anywhere outside Metro Manila, this fact should convince you to choose Xend.
  • I have never had issues with Xend yet. I’ve had a total of 27 shipments coursed through them and never once did they fail on me. I’ve had 4 with another courier service and they were late half of the time. Pfft. 😐
  • They also have an online portal where you can schedule pick-ups, setup bulk shipments, calculate shipping rates, adding contacts for your deliveries, etc.
  • You can get coupons that you can use for the future if you reach a certain number of shipments.
  • Did I already say they offer very affordable shipping rates? 😀
  • They have no minimum number of packages or shipment fee for pick-up, unlike with LBC.

Xend is not perfect, I know. I’ve heard of issues from other customers about late deliveries and pick-ups, but I’m writing this review based on MY experience. I’m from Malabon and I’ve shipped 17 times to Metro Manila addresses and 10 times to the provinces. No courier service is perfect anyway. But, I’m after a more affordable shipping solution so I’m all for using Xend. 🙂

Xend provides you with waybills and packaging materials for your next shipping

Xend also gives you free packaging materials and waybills for your next shipments. This way, you can already prepare them in advance. Very useful for a more speedy pick-up.



How Do You Use Xend’s Courier Services?

Xend doesn’t have branches all over the country. They only have an office here in Metro Manila, but they have assigned pick-up crew for every area.

Here’s a photo of the Xend courier guy who usually picks up my packages:

The Xend courier guy assigned in our area

Now, how do you exactly use Xend’s courier service? Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, they have an online portal which makes it easier to schedule everything. My guide below is for those like me who don’t need bulk shipments. But, if you’d be needing that, you can just as easily navigate through their site at for more information.


Step #1: Create an Account with Xend.

Visit their online portal – – and click on Open an Account Now on the upper right side of the screen:

Click on Open an Account Now to open a Xend account

Just go through the registration screens…

Agree to the terms and conditions


Fill up your account information

For the date of birth, you really need to locate it. No shortcuts.


Here, you’ll be prompted to enter one address, but you can setup more pick-up addresses later.

Your address information


Login information

Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll get this screen:

Registration complete!


Step #2: Login and setup your Xend account.

Login to the portal with your email address and password. Once logged in, go to Manage your Account. You should then see this page:

They save the number of shipping or deliveries you've already done through Xend

Take note of the Account No. on the top of the page. You will need this whenever you fill up waybills (scroll down for more information about this).

If you need to add more addresses to your account in case you have more than pick-up points, go to the Account Settings page and click on Add new address button under the Address section.

Add pick-up addresses on the Account Settings page


About Waybills

Waybills are the form you need to fill up with the recipient’s complete address. Basically, it contains information about your package.

Though you can have waybills printed, to avoid additional expenses, just request for waybills from the the Xend pick-up guy. They look like this:

A closer look at the Xend waybill

You get a copy of this waybill for your reference, one for Xend’s records and the other one will be inserted or included with your package.

Oh, and you get these waybills and pouches for free, by the way. 🙂


Step #3: Schedule a Pick-up.

Here’s a basic guide on how to schedule a pick-up with Xend:

Schedule a pickup

Once logged in, click on Pickups on top of the page and then Schedule Pick-up. You’ll then get this next screen where you can choose multiple dates. To deselect a date, just click on it again.

You can select multiple pick-up schedules


Take note of Xend’s pick-up scheduling guidelines taken directly from their website:

Schedule Pick-up Guidelines

  1. If you specify a time frame for pick up, we cannot guarantee that it will be picked up within that time frame you indicated. We will do our best to meet the time frame but if we cannot, we will definitely arrive within the day.
  2. Pickup Cut-Off:
    • For Monday to Saturday “Same Day Pick Up”, you must schedule before 2pm of the same day.
    • Pickups scheduled after 8AM for office addresses are not recommended as we cannot guarantee that they will be picked up within office hours. If your pickup is at an office address, we recommend that you schedule before 8AM so we can guarantee pickup within office hours.
    • If you prefer afternoon pickup, please indicate so in the remarks.
    • To qualify for the 2pm cut-off time, pickups must be scheduled online via myXend. Pickups scheduled through phone will be for next day pickup.
    • Tip: You can pre-schedule pickups up to one week in advance.
  3. Holiday Pick Up Schedule:
    • We DO NOT pick up on “Regular” holidays
    • For “Special” holidays, we DO pick up unless there is a previous annoucement
  4. Important Notes:
    • “Provincial” packages that are scheduled for pickup BEFORE 8AM will have a transit time of 1-2 days. “Provincial” packages scheduled for pickup AFTER 8AM will have a transit time of 2 business days.
    • “Metro Manila” and “Rizal to Manila” packages still have a NEXT DAY transit time regardless of the time scheduled.

Below Step 1, you’d see the list of pick-up addresses. Check the one you’ll be using for the said pick-up. If you’d be using multiple pick-up points, you have to schedule them separately.

Select the pick-up address and enter any special instruction

You can also enter special instructions. Once done, click on Schedule for Pickup. You then should get this message saying that you have successfully set up a pick-up schedule.

Successful pickup schedule

If you have to cancel a pick-up, just go to Pickups on the menu –> Active and you should see this page:

You can cancel your pick-up schedules

Check the pick-up schedule you want to cancel and then click on Cancel Selected.

NOTE: Just to be sure, especially if it’s on the same day as the pick-up schedule, I suggest you call their hotline at (02) 806-XEND (806-9363).



  • If you’re sending an expensive package or item, please make sure you indicate its value. You might need to pay extra for insurance and all, but it’s the same way with other courier services.
  • For details on insurance that Xend offers, click here.
  • For the list of prohibited items for shipping, click here. I’ve managed to send in shampoos, packs of Davidoff cigars and Marlboro Ice (NOT allowed for provincial shipments), just in case you’re wondering if they allow these.
  • If you’ll be shipping electronics, they can still be shipped through Xend BUT they won’t offer you any insurance. Click here for full details on this policy.
  • They only offer FREE pick-ups within Metro Manila and Rizal (San Mateo, Rodriguez, Cainta, Taytay and Antipolo).
  • If you’re shipping a fragile item (needs extra care), make sure you attach a sign or a note saying that to remind the courier to take good care of your item. If you’re not completely confident about having them shipped with Xend, use other courier service.


Other Features of Xend’s Online Portal

On their website, you can check the rates that will apply for your shipments / deliveries:

A guide on their shipping rates are on their website

Also, you can check your shipment statistics on their site:

Shipment statistics

You also get coupons when you reach certain number of shipments / pick-ups. These coupons can be free shipping or discounts on your next pick-up. 🙂

You get coupons when you reach a certain number of deliveries or shipping


So, for your next shipment to anywhere in the Philippines, I recommend you try using Xend’s courier service. If you’ve used their services before, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section. 🙂

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

Update (9/14/2012): There have been many reports / complaints from customers of Xend Express recently that I have stopped using them. I’m currently shipping through Fastrack, which I will review next. For updates on Xend, please visit their Facebook page.

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  • Shiilah

    Hi. Thank you for this information. How do you pay for your courier? And how do you get the payment from the recipeint of the package if they do Cash on Delivery? Thanks for the advice.

  • MarianoRivero

    P.S. Btw, I have also used Xend to return a defective item I ordered from an online seller in China. By weight and destination na ang computation ng Xend staff dito. Would you believe nakarating nga sa China kasi na-refund sa credit card ko yung payment ko, haha..

  • MarianoRivero

    I’ve been using Xend for three years now, so far so good naman service nila. At first may time lang na konting delay especially yung provincial shipment. Pero not once may item na lost in transit. Nag-improve na service nila lately. And I’m glad to discover they have LBC and Air21 yata as courier service partners. Kaya siguro nag-improve na delivery service nila. I just used Xend again the other day for a CDO shipment to a repeat client. Talagang more affordable sa kanila. I’ve always dropped my items at an authorized 7-11 Store for Xend shipments.

  • Henrii Arias

    I too purchased from online seller and currently having a bad experience. The seller

    used XEND courier. see details below

    PICKED UP FROM SHIPPER (metro manila)
    Sep 18, 2017

    Sep 21, 2017
    Sep 19, 2017

    This is my shipment. As you can see Xend TRANSFERRED TO D&GR courier. And up to this date, September 23, I still have not received my shipment. Showing XEND and D&G is unreliable. Meycauayan City, is just boundary of Valenzuela Metro Manila. Again to emphasize, I am still horrendously waiting for 7 full day already, and counting! this is unacceptable courier service!

    I usually purchase online. so far XEND and D&G Courier, were the ones that pissed me off. in contrast to JRS and LBC, were pleasant.

    I will update if/when, re my shipment arrival

  • Noriel

    Hello maam! It’ll be my first time to send shipments through Xend. How do I request for waybills and plastic packs ahead from them? Could I set up a pick up without any for shipping yet? I only need waybills and plastic packs. Thank you.

  • Amelia Jao

    xend user b4 but diyos ko ngayon it took them 3-4 days for provincial… so disappointed

  • danielle

    Hi! If ako po ung sender ako ng package, how do I pay po for the shipping fee? Do I pay it sa kukuha ng package or i have to pay somewhere?

    • Hi, Danielle! You need to pay the courier guy ‘pag pick up ng package. Pwede rin na yung recipient ang magbabayad, if yun ang arrangement nyo. 🙂

  • vincent

    hi !!! can i ask ? may xend express ba papuntang puerto prinsesa palawan at ilang days from taguig ? thanks in advance.

  • Vernarie De Leon

    Hi, what are the other cheap services like Xend in Manila? Thanks!

  • Gret S

    XEND is UNRELIABLE. Their website says that it only takes 1-3 business days for provincial destinations, but it actually takes more than that. SInungaling! When you call them, they reject your calls. Sana hindi na lang sila nag-business kung ganito rin lang ugali. Hindi mo matanong ano na nangyari sa package mo.

  • lady

    pls po panu KO ma track ung tracking # KO para ma pick up KO sa LBC huhu 2weeks NA kc

  • jelyn

    May inorder po ako and Via Xend daw po nila ipadala. Hindi ko po alam yung Xend. Ang taga Xend nb mismo ang maghahatid sa bahay?

  • Lady Mae Asdani

    Hello! ^_^
    I’m from Zamboanga City. I have few questions 🙂 Is there a possibility that they can do pick-ups here? 🙂 Also, If I scheduled a pick-up for the first time, would they provide a pouch to me on the chosen date of pick-up? How will I be able to pack my items?
    I’m planning to start an online business and I’m worried on the shipment and what courier to choose. But I really want Xend, since for all the rates of couriers I have checked, Xend has the lowest one.
    Hoping for your reply. Thank you ^_^

  • Hi. Can you do a guide for Shipping using jrs express too? Thanks. 🙂

  • Apple

    please do not use xend express, they are definitely not the cheapest and they have the worst customer service. there are other couriers who can provide the same service at a lower cost.

    they haven’t updated my badge until today february 25, 2015. the shipments they have not recorded are from april-june 2014 shipments. how long does it take to update a shipment list? will it take a year? and everytime i follow up via email or call, they would keep repeating a general answer, “we will follow forward your concern to the IT department.” one year has gone and they give me the same answer and badge still not updated.

    • Kai Veraña

      hi! yung parcel ko nga po hindi na naibalik.. last year pa yun. haha wala man lang reply sa mga emails ko. 3 na kasalanan sakin ng xend na yan eh. sungit2 pa ng tao nila. kaya nagswitch na ko sa fastrack. mas mura sya compare sa xend

  • Tam

    hi first time ko po magshiship ng items and ito yung nirefer saakin, sa waybill po ba ang pinaka kailangan is yung name and address lang ng buyer? and pwede po bang magpaschedule sa kanila through phone? thankyou po!

    • Apple

      use fastrack courier or metrowide courier express. cheaper

  • Honey

    Hi hm po sf to QC?

    • Apple

      shipping fee to quezon city is only 45.00 using fastrack courier or metrowide courier express

  • Shay

    Hi meron ba silang pick up ng sat and sun?

  • Jose Arboleda Jr.

    Just my two cents, customer satisfaction is more important than affordable shipping. And customers are happiest when they receive their goods on time. It took Xend two days to deliver my online purchase (Las Pinas to Cavite), while JRS delivered the next day (QC to Cavite — mas malayo!). I paid the same amount, by the way.

    • True. But if you’re a business owner kasi, as much as possible, you want to maximize your profit. And some customers are particular with the shipping fee din, and some online shops charge you more if you choose couriers like LBC and JRS. I always use LBC though for more pricey items I ship out. But for minor items, I’m okay with Xend or Fastrack.

  • Micco Melitante

    Hello po. Ano po yun? ikaw mismo yung pipick up sa kanila or sila ang magdadala sa bahay? tracking number lang kase ng xend yung binigay sakin eh. thanks

    • Sila magpipickup sa house mo kaya mas convenient sya. 🙂

  • krisanta mae syfu

    hi pnu ko po malalaman trac num ko sa lbc ksi xend lng ang track num ko sb ksi xend ang mg bbgy track num ng lbc tnx

    • Hmmm medyo magulo yan. Di ko alam eh. Kasi dapat ang tracking # kung sa Xend pinadala, machecheck nila status kahit pinasa nila sa LBC.

  • desiree

    I’m from Davao. Nagpipick-up rin ba sila sa visayas and mindanao? And magskeschedule po ba ako ng pick-up kahit hihingi lang ako ng shipping materials?

  • Hua ze leizy ♛

    Question po, first time eh. Pag nagpadeliver po ba, sa bahay ko na po yun matatanggap or kailangan ko pa pumunta sa office nila etc?

    • Yes, sa bahay na. Wala silang office.

      • badeth

        hi po ask q po kung nag dedeliver cla ng jewerly like silver

        • I don’t think so, Badeth. Though di naman nila usually chinecheck laman nung packages mo, mahirap na rin kasi baka mawala nila, sayang naman.

          • Sheila Sanque

            Pde po ba mga pabango mam?

  • kim

    Hello. Nabasa ko nagpadeliver ka sakanila sa provinces. What if kung ung customer gusto sa LBC branch kunin ung item? Ung ilalagay ko ba sa address ng recipient eh address nung LBC branch? Thank you. 🙂

    • You can ask them, pero alam ko kasi door-to-door lang yung partnership nila with LBC.

    • MarianoRivero

      Yes, puede. Yung isang client ko sa CDO, sa LBC, SM CDO niya pinapadala package niya at duon niya pini-pick up. Several times na ganito arrangement namin. So far, so good.

  • claudz

    hi, just wanna ask if I’ll pick-up a package in LBC kasi province ako.. need to pay din ng shipping fee from the items sending point? thank you

    • If pickup lang, usually the sender already paid for the shipping. If it’s cash-on-delivery, that’s a different story, but I don’t think they have COD for provincial shipping. You can call the LBC branch naman to check kung me babayaran ka before you go.

  • Jade

    How did you avail their packaging materials?

    • I asked the courier guy for packaging materials, and he willingly gave me some. Just ask them for supplies and they’ll give them to you for free.

  • jero

    Ppick-upin po nila mismo sa bahay ng magpapadeliver yung package?

  • sugar

    Kapag po ba first timer makakakuha na ng free waybills and unlipak? Paano?

  • kat manalo

    Hi ate i want to sell something kasi and i’m from pampanga,pwede ba ako mismo ung pumunta sa lbc para magpadala ng stuff or i’ll just ask them for pick up nalang?

  • Elsa carin

    Pwede b q mg register khit nsa ibang bansa aq..adres q lng s pinas for pick up..tnx

  • Bella

    What make Xend No.1? Savings, Speed, Secure.
    First I would like to post a comment/review about my experience in XEND courier.
    SAVINGS – checked Affordable than other courier.
    SPEED – SUPER CROSS Speed? Talk about speed I am expecting a package that was sent out last OCT 1, w/in metro manila lang ako hello? UNTIL NOW WALA PA RIN YUNG INEEXPECT KONG GAMIT I have tried EVERYTHING, the email, the Xend facebook account, and the landline that we (the customers) can call in case these things may or can happen(Unfortunately my friends, the number is not working)
    SECURITY – security? Really? I have talked to the shipper regarding about my item, they said YES it’s “in transit.” In transit? More than a week now? Really. How is it possible that Xend could not deliver my package the very next day? If it is in transit (as what is posted in Xend Tracking Service) Where is it NOW? Gone? Disappeared? Invisible? Evaporated? It is a very important package because the money I paid for it is the money that I have worked for
    Sorry about the long post but I really want to vent out regarding about Xend’s service

  • Kei

    Hi, can you please give me a contact number wherein I could talk to a customer service representative of Xend. I’ve been sending them emails and they wouldn’t respond. I have been waiting for 3 days now for their response 🙂 maybe you could help me and provide a customer service hotline? Please thanks

  • Nicole

    Can I use their services even when I’m outside Manila? I’m from Visayas… how does it work?

    • Hi, Nicole. I believe they only have pickup points in Metro Manila.

      • claudz

        hi.. may supplier po ako d2 sa bulacan,, and she’s using Xend as a courier.. confused????

        • Xend has partners like LBC for provincial shipping, pero baka Bulacan is still covered or specific areas lang dyan covered pa rin ng Manila deliveries nila. I’m not quite sure. You can ask Xend directly.

  • marites

    hi,hndi me maka registerd on the last part ng form.i fll up all the info..pls some help.

  • infinitebeauty

    i cant register on Xend 🙁 when i press register nothing happends

    • Airam

      Try to message them through Facebook. I encountered that problem too.

  • jhaize

    wow nice review… thanks for the info…

  • Marie

    when can I get the tracking number for the items I send through Xend?

  • Jackie

    Obviously another paid review. Please be real.

    • Please read the top of the post – I posted an update in September. And NO, this is not paid. There’s a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. Please read first before you leave a comment saying I got paid for this. Sheesh.

    • Bella

      So true!

  • Zel

    thanks for the above information.. i was really having a hard time before how to use it.. but now.. i will keep trying to be familiar with it!.. Thanks! it helped a lot!… i hope can send my transaction successfully.. my itemm is ready to pick up! :))

  • Abby

    i am a first time user of xend. and it has been 4 days now since they picked up my items. i checked the status of this delivery and there is none. and still they have not delivered the item to the recipient. i kept calling the hotline but they do not pick up. i do not know what to do now. but i am certain it is XEND who picked up my items. any advise please…

    • When there were issues with the delivery before, they called me to update me that they can’t find the recipient’s home. Sadly, the only # I have of them is their hotline #. Where is the receiving address located? If it’s provincial, they probably have passed it on to LBC.

  • joanna

    Thanks for the info.. helped me very much.. cos i’m a first timer using xend and i’m afraid they will not pick up my items..

  • aly

    hello is there any addition fee or expenses except the shipment fee?

    • If you want insurance for valuable items, yes.

  • Littlefreakinpaula

    Hi! What if i don’t want to put my HOME address in the “from” tab? Is that possible??

    • On the waybill, I don’t put my address. If you already have a record and account #, Xend knows how to contact you just in your package gets lost. 🙂

  • Paul Tan

    hayst. xend is ok, but poor customer service. it always took me like forever to be able to reach them on phone. sometimes they pick it up and hang the phone. i dont know how their office looks like but i think they have minimal staff. the courier told me that they only have 2 staffs in their office which does the answering of phone and other tasks. thinking they have hundreds of clients. just wondering why dont they hire more staffs?

    another experience was when i got connected to them, i heard someone shouting ” sagutin nyo nga yang teleponong yan, kanina pa ring ng ring yan eh”

    so i came up with a conclusion of them purposely not answering the phone.

    if xend try to be like this continuously, they would lose their clients one by one.

    • Paul: I understand your frustration. I guess we get what we paid for. They offer the most affordable rates and no, they actually don’t have customer service or multiple branches. They only have courier staff who pick up your items FREE of charge. They can’t afford to hire staff to handle customer service better than they do now.

      I know that’s not an excuse, but if you want better customer service, I say you’d have to pay for more. Go with LBC or Air21. For more expensive or important items, I use their service instead of Xend.

  • Katrina Lacson

    HI~ Thanks for the info. 🙂 Can I ask you a favor? I’m thinking about how the pouch looks like. I mean, is there a transparent or it’s blue all over. And also, is there a space where I can write the address? Mmm…Can you please take a photo of the pouch while something(a piece of paper)’s in it?…:) I will be scheduling a delivery to Japan and I was worried with how it looks, if it’s presentable. 🙂
    Thank you~ 🙂

    • Katrina Lacson

      *is there a transparent part

      • shobe

        Thanks for this review, I am just starting my online business and this helped me a lot. I have a question, Kasi customers would ask how much ang shipping fee, dpat ba meron ako weighing scale sa house?and then check ko sa site ng xend un rate? how do you compute the shipping fee and how do you know na tama un iqquote mong fee sa customer,. TIA!

        • Hi, Shobe. Hold your horses! There have been a ton of complaints recently against Xend. So, I would recommend you use other couriers like Fasttrack for now (will write a review next).

          Yes, it’ll be best if you have some way of weighing your items para di ka lugi sa shipping. Most sellers will set a fixed shipping fee eh.

    • They don’t deliver outside the Philippines. For that, I recommend you go with UPS or FedEx.

      The paper is inserted inside a small transparent pocket in front of the pouch.