Despicable Me at Newport Cinema, Resorts World Hotel – My Review

On September 6th, the 3 of us from Certified Foodies were invited to watch the movie Despicable Me in 3D at Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel, Manila. (Thanks, Az!)

We met a couple of people who were also there for the bloggers screening. It was our first time to be in Resorts World Hotel, let alone watch in Newport Cinema. So, what do we think of it and the movie?

Despicable Me Poster Review in 3D - Movie Reviews -

Despicable Me – Review

I saw the previews of the movie Despicable Me before I even watched it. I really got interested, especially after a lot of people I know started to rave about it.

Despicable Me is about the story of Gru, voiced by Steve Carrell, and his struggles to keep up his villain or bad guy image. Along with his army of minions (the yellow guys wearing blue jumpsuits), he plans to perform the biggest heist in the history of the world – steal the MOON!

   Despicable Me - Gru wants to steal the moon! - Movie Reviews -
  Yes, Gru wants to steal the moon!

Gru, as a villain, gears more towards little boy or bully mischievousness. So, when Vector, one of his villain competitors, commits the nastiest heist to-date by stealing the Great Pyramid at Giza, Gru starts to plan on beating him by stealing the moon.

  Despicable Me - Vector - Movie Reviews -
  Vector – how can someone so dorky be a villain? LOLz.

In his mission to complete his latest heist, he meets 3 orphan sisters who decides to adopt to help him infiltrate Vector’s lab by selling the latter his favorite cookies. And, eventually, Gru fell in love with the 3 sisters Agnes, Margo and Edith because they saw in him a "hidden" potential to be a super dad.

  Despicable Me Review - Edith, Margo, Agnes - Movie Reviews -
  Margaux (Margo), Edith and Agnes

The storyline of Despicable Me is a bit predictable. Bad guy turns good because of kids. No surprise or suspense there. Even the conflicts in the story were as I expected them. But, what’s so wonderful about Despicable Me are the characters.

Let’s talk about Gru first. I find him lovable despite him being a villain early in the movie. I guess it’s because I can see that he’s not that mean as he thinks he is. He does bully people around, but, they’re more like pranks than actual evil deeds. And, when he struggled to keep his bad side dominating over his great dad potential, I fell in love with him more.

Despicable Me - Super Villan Gru - Movie Reviews - 
  "Knocked over" – Gru at the carnival.

Among the 3 orphan sisters, I fell in love with Agnes the most. She’s the youngest among the 3 and is the cutest. She’s naive, pure and the sweetest, which I believe drew Gru closer to them.

Agnes is the most famous of the 3 orphan sisters because of her lines, including, the most popular, "It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die" when she referred to the prize unicorn doll at the carnival. Here’s a video of her and tell me if you can resist her cuteness.

Edith is the oldest among the 3 and the most responsible one. She takes care of Agnes and Margo like her own sisters. Margo, on the other hand, is the most playful of them 3. She’s the naughtiest, too, but I also love her.

Last, but definitely not the least, are Gru’s army of minions! OMG. They’re so freaking cute, I can’t get enough of them. If you were listening to their dialogue very closely, you’d hear them speaking in Filipino / Tagalog in their tiny voice. They’re all so lovable!

  Despicable Me - Minions - Movie Reviews -
Gru’s army of minions – awww, so cute!

Despicable Me is easily now my most favorite animated movie simply because of the characters in it. I’m planning on watching it again once it’s available on DVD. Woot!

By the way, Despicable Me was made to be enjoyed in 3D. I love the 3D effects, especially when they were riding the rollercoaster. I had butterflies in my stomach like I was with them on that ride. It was really fun!

Despicable Me - Margo, Agnes and Edith - Movie Reviews - 
Onboard the rollercoaster at the carnival. Gru seems to be the only one not enjoying the ride, don’t you agree? LOLz. So cute!

I also loved how they used 3D effects in the credits when the minions were competing against each other as to who can get closest to the audience. So, make sure you don’t leave the cinema before seeing that part. It’s so cute, I’m gonna die!!

So, if you haven’t watched it yet, YOU BETTER HURRY!

My Rating - Despicable Me Movie Review -

Despicable Me photos are copyrighted property of Universal Studios.

Newport Cinema, Resorts World Hotel – Review

When we found out that the bloggers screening is happening in Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel, I panicked because I don’t have the slightest idea where it’s located.

Newport Cinemas at Resorts World Hotel, Manila - Movie Reviews -

After some research, I found out it’s located just across NAIA Terminal 3 in Pasay City. Since we were planning on heading out to SM Mall of Asia that day for our food trip, we decided we’ll just take a cab from MOA. But, if you are driving, here’s the map as a guide on how to get there:

  Location of Resorts World Hotel, Manila - Movie Reviews -
  Location map for Resorts World Hotel in Manila, taken straight from their website.

If you’re commuting, Jonel of NomNomClub shared this information on how go get to Resorts World Hotel in Manila:

  1. At LRT Taft-Edsa or MRT Taft-Edsa, go to the Transport Terminal at the back of McDonald’s Taft/Edsa.
  2. Wait for the shuttle bus with "NAIA Terminal 1, 2, 3 Loop" (Currently, they only go to NAIA 3 ).
  3. The bus will go to NAIA Terminal 3 departure parking and drops passengers there. Don’t get off the bus here unless you have a ticket going out of the PH.
  4. Then, the bus will go to Resorts World and Marriot Hotel. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Resorts World.
  5. Fare is Php 20. They don’t provide tickets, by the way.

When we finally arrived at around 6:30pm, I was amazed by how beautiful the hotel is. As soon as you’re done with the security check at the entrance, you’d already see what or who’s performing on the casino stage. We wanted to come in, but, my bro was wearing shorts. LOLz.

We went around Resorts World Hotel, floor to floor, since we were early. The screening was scheduled at 7:40pm. There were restaurants inside Resorts World Hotel and we’re planning on trying them out next time.

When we went up to the fourth floor of Resorts World Hotel, we immediately saw the ticketing counter. We also found the area where you can buy popcorn and soda. There’s also a cafe on that same floor.

  Popcorn and Ticket Sales Counter at Newport Cinema, Resorts World Hotel - Movie Reviews -
Movie watching isn’t complete without popcorn!

It was so nice to see that everyone in the hotel are very warm. Everyone we cross paths with greeted us. It really felt nice.

Newport Cinemas are located inside the Newport Mall. Yes, it’s still a mall, but, not as congested as SM. Really great for some quiet hangout time with loved ones. You can check more photos inside Newport Mall and the restaurants you can try on their Facebook photo album.

Cinema 2 and 4 are regular cinemas. The ticket prices are at Php 200. Cinema 3 is for 3D movies, and the ticket is only at Php 300.

A few minutes after, other bloggers started arriving. We, then, headed out to the cinema and we were given our 3D glasses. We were scheduled to watch Despicable Me in Cinema 3, Newport’s 3D-enabled widescreen.

Inside Newport Cinema, their widescreen - Movie Reviews - 
  A look from the top, widescreen in front.

As soon as we entered the cinema, you’d feel how cozy it is inside. The seats are also very comfortable and the space you get is good enough to not be bothered by anyone who’s passing through.

  Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel - Movie Reviews -
Inside Newport cinema. Nice, eh? Love the checkered patterns on the walls.

I thought the first time that we’ll be watching a movie in Newport Ultra Cinema. Ultra Cinema is for what I call luxury movie-watching. Imagine watching a movie while relaxing on a fully-reclining seat with extended leg rests. It’s like you’re lying in bed while enjoying a flick. And you get to enjoy all this at Php 450 only.

 Fully reclining seats at Newport Ultra Cinema in Resorts World Hotel - Movie Reviews - 
  Fully reclining seats with extended leg rests!

Another thing, you get unlimited popcorn and drinks and you have a personal butler at your request through a call button inside the 2-seater private viewing pod. Oohhh… I really gotta try it soon!

  Inside Newport Ultra Cinema - Movie Reviews -
Newport Ultra Cinema – a view of the private viewing pods.

All of Newport’s cinemas are equipped with Dolby Digital Audio technology.  So, you’d really enjoy watching movies there because of the surround sound system.

I highly recommend watching movies at Newport Cinema in Resorts World Hotel, especially when you want a more quiet or private time with a loved one or your family. Or, if you’re having troubles getting tickets to a hot new movie, you might want to check out the availability in Newport.

For inquiries or ticket reservation, you can call them at 908-8811 or 0917-8380111. You can also visit Newport City’s Facebook fan page.

My Rating - Newport Cinema at Resorts World Hotel, Manila -

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