Glamourbox June 2013 Bridal Bliss Box : Unboxing and Review

Since my first 2 Glamourbox unboxing posts back in January and February, I have received 3 more boxes, including the Bridal Bliss box last June. I also got the March box before I decided to stop my subscription in April, which was pretty timely since a friend of mine sent me her box as a gift. I just felt like the contents of the boxes weren’t that useful to me and I wasn’t completely happy with what I’ve received so far, so I decided to quit them.

Glamourbox Beauty Subscription box

I know, I said it’s a matter of personal taste and needs if you’ll find the items in the box useful or not. At the time when I received the January to April boxes, I had no use for most of the items yet. However, before we went grocery-shopping early June, I decided to go through some of my beauty products stash, most were from Glamourbox, and I found some that I actually wanted to finally try. That saved me money from buying new products to sample. And out of the items I tested, I’m sticking with 3 of them, which I’ll reveal in my next post about my beauty boxes haul. Some of the items were lovingly passed on to my mom and friends. 😉


Glamourbox Bridal Bliss Box

Anyway, this post is about the Glamourbox June Bridal Bliss box, so let’s get to it. 😀 Many of the blogs and comments I read about this box were from disappointed ladies. They were expecting the products to be one-of-a-kind compared to the previous boxes since Glamourbox hyped up this box too much because of the focus on the theme Bridal Bliss. On my end though, this has got to be the most useful Glamourbox I’ve ever received. 😀

Contents of Glamourbox Bridal Bliss Box for June 2013

When you say Bridal Bliss, what really comes to mind are skincare products or how brides take care of themselves and their skin right before their wedding day. So, I didn’t expect any makeup products to be included.

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The Comfort of Sofa Beds

Do you have friends who want to come over and spend the night at your place? Or maybe you have kids who love sleep-overs or slumber parties with their friends? How many times have you turned them down because you just don’t have enough bed space to accommodate them? There’s an easier, more convenient and actually more affordable solution than buying new beds – sofa beds.

Sofa beds are comfortable and convenient

With sofa beds, there is no need to buy a new bed or set up a guest room for your friends. Any room can be turned into a guest room with these very comfortable sofa beds. I remember even hosting a sleep-over right at our living room a few years back. We had this sofa bed that can fit three people, which is the usual number of friends I invite for a slumber get-together. Now, my brother uses the sofa bed in his own bedroom as he refused to buy a new bed. 😀

Sofa bed in the living room

One of the many things I have always enjoyed is my very close friends coming over to stay the night while we catch up on each other’s lives. I remember doing this with my dearest buddies from years back at our old home and it was very convenient because I had the sofa bed that they can use if they want to sleep over. I’m not comfortable sleeping with many people on my bed, and yet I did not want any of them to feel that I don’t care if they sleep well or have back pains when they wake up.

I also love the comfort they give you. Like when I’m in the living room watching TV, I don’t have to worry about backaches if I ‘accidentally’ fall asleep. 😉

Good thing there are many options you can choose from when it comes to sofa beds. There are those that you can keep in your living room and all you need to do is adjust a few things to convert them into a sofa bed. There are also futons that you can easily tuck away when you don’t need them anymore. There are many varieties to choose from that should suit your lifestyle, your preferences and your home’s design.

Review: Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

Though I already own a top quality speaker system, the inability to take it anywhere with me is a huge disadvantage. I have tried various portable Bluetooth speakers, and one of them is Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 Wireless Speaker.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

When this was sent over for review, I didn’t expect it’ll be as big as it was. No worries though – it’s light and can be easily carried around, but it didn’t fit my DIY photo ‘studio’ so I had to take photos on my bed, so pardon the quality (my room desperately needs a repaint). 😀

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