Backup Your Chat History in WeChat

I’m a backup freak. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way during my college years. I lost articles and important photos after my computer and hard drive crashed. I failed to keep a backup of my files. Since then, I make sure all my important files, photos, and even my blogs are backed up regularly.


Aside from my external hard drive, I also keep backups using DVDs and I use online storage systems. I feel secure when I know that I have at least 2 backups of anything significant such as travel photos and notes I take for my blog articles.

There are also instances when I needed to keep a backup of my chat history with someone, such as when it’s about a pretty significant topic that I need to refer to at a later time. If you’re particular about this, especially when it comes to work or a business transaction, WeChat has a feature that enables you to backup your chat history easily. Read on.

3 Times when Chat History Backup Saves You from Hell

Many forms of emergency, more often than not, require information retrieval. However, unlike good old hard copies, communications done digitally aren’t as easy to keep and store in boxes for safekeeping. For this, social mobile app WeChat acts as your digital notepad thanks to its Chat History Backup feature, which saves conversation histories and restores them to any device for up to seven (7) days.

The simple 3-step process of WeChat’s Chat History Backup starts with selecting “Settings” > “General” > “Chat History Backup” and then clicking “Back Up” for the conversations you’d like to store.


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#GrabTheGoldatSM, 2 for Php 100! EXTENDED Until March 31st!

If you haven’t heard yet, the sexiest ice cream bar in the Philippines has come out with a new flavor: Magnum Gold.

Magnum Gold - vanilla ice cream wrapped in 2 layers of Belgian chocolate

Magnum Gold is an ice cream bar with rich vanilla ice cream wrapped in two layers of Belgian chocolate, the top coating in a luxurious color of gold. It’s as luscious as I anticipated, and truly indulgent, perfect to reward yourself after an intense work week. 🙂

Guess what! If you haven’t tried the Magnum Gold ice cream bar yet or you can’t get enough of it, you can take advantage of the promo at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and SaveMore where you get TWO (2) Magnum Gold for just Php 100! This promo is exclusively offered at SM grocery stores.

Grab the Gold at SM - 2 for Php 100!

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Review: Urbanears Humlan Washable Headphones : Wait, What?!

How would you like to own a pair of headphones that are washable? No more dirty headbands or icky ear cushions every time you listen to your music while working out, especially when you’re running. You like that? Then, the Urbanears Humlan headphones is for you.

Unboxing Urbanears Humlan headphones

Urbanears Humlan is the world’s FIRST washable headphones. Okay, the entire thing isn’t washable, but the removable headband and ear cushions are, which really makes sense since those are the ones that are always in contact with your head and ears (duh 😀 ).

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