Review: In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup

The eyes are the windows to your soul.

I have always believed that my pair of eyes is one of my assets. Yeah, I might be wearing glasses or contact lenses to see properly, but, still, people usually notice my eyes first. And this is why I have vowed to learn more about makeup – to make this pair really stand out. 🙂

For me, though, one of the most important things us women can do to bring out our eyes more is to shape our eyebrows. I used to have VERY thick eyebrows. Don’t believe me? Well, look at this old photo of moi back in high school.

How my eyebrows looked back in high school

Ugh, I tell yah (and those oversized glasses didn’t suit me AT ALL). It was only in college when my dear kikay cousin Rose sat me down and told me I need to do something with my brows. She plucked them into shape! But, I got so hooked on plucking them that I ended up with thin eyebrows, as pictured below. 😀

My very thin eyebrows made me look older than I really am

Yeah, that’s me! Can you believe it?! 😀

My thin eyebrows made me look older than I really am so I searched the web and Youtube for tutorials on how to make them look more natural and generally nicer. I learned that there’s no way I can regrow the hair back to its normal eyebrow shape after plucking.

A friend of mine suggested I switch to using plain eyebrow pencil to powder. I was a bit concerned ‘cause I’m not sure about the eyebrow powder makeup’s staying power. I decided to give it a try though, with In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup.

My IN2IT Eyebrow makeup

I bought it from the beauty section in SM Department Store for only Php 300. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the price, but decided to continue with the purchase. Let’s just say that I have no regrets about that decision. 🙂

In2It Waterproof Eyebrow MakeupPardon the photo. I promise to take better shots of the products next time.

There are three (3) shades available – caramel, brown and dark brown. At first, I only used the third shade ‘cause I have really black eyebrows. But, then, I realized my brows look too dark for me. So, I switched back to the brown. I use the caramel or lightest shade to make my natural eyebrow hair look more brown than black.

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Win 1 of 2 Php 500 Bon Appetea Gift Certificates from Certified Foodies – Ends 11/08

I have recently developed this obsession with milk teas. I told myself I wanted to try out all the milk tea places I can find all over the Metro to see how they can set themselves apart from each other ‘cause, I mean, c’mon, there gotta be some flavors that would taste the same as what all the other stores have to offer, right? That’s one thing I want to find out! 😀

One of our recent discoveries is Bon Appetea. I enjoyed their NaughTeas and the word play all over their menu. And over at our food blog, Certified Foodies, we are giving away two (2) Php 500 Bon Appetea gift certificates so you can try as much milk tea as you can from their stores in Ortigas and Paranaque.

The mechanics are VERY easy and this is for one week only so HURRY and join now by clicking on the photo above!

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Group Deals: eBay Philippines Kuponan

If you check the sidebar of this blog, you’ll find various group-buying sites that I’m a member of. I’m actually gathering all the links and I’ll be putting them up on a separate page along with my own reviews of each site. For now, let me tell you about eBay Philippines Kuponan,

eBay Philippines Kuponan

Just like other group deals sites, eBay Philippines Kuponan offers great discounts from different businesses and merchants who provide products and services such as massage, package deals for out-of-town trips, hotel accommodations, buffets, etc. What’s great about Kuponan is it’s part of eBay Philippines, meaning it’s backed up by the reliability and security of the payment / e-commerce system that eBay has been known for. You’d feel safer knowing you’re transacting with them. 🙂

The major difference between eBay Philippines Kuponan is that you don’t pay the full amount with them. There are deals that you have to pay only a certain amount with eBay and then the rest will be paid to the merchant for you to claim your voucher or avail of the discount / deal. This may be good for those who don’t like spending too much money online and prefer to transact offline.

To further clarify this, for instance, here’s a currently live deal from Kuponan’s site:A sample deal on eBay Kuponan

  1. This is the original price of the service or product.
  2. This is the discounted price. For this sample deal, you’re getting a whopping 86% off! 🙂
  3. This means you only have to pay Php 10.00 NOW for you to reserve a voucher or coupon. The rest of the discounted amount will be paid to the merchant directly.
  4. This is the time left before the deal expires or ends.
  5. This will show if the deal is already on and how many vouchers / coupons were sold.

If you’re new to group buying, then, let me know if you have questions. I do hope I made it a little bit clear how Kuponan works.

Another feature that I didn’t find on any other group deals sites is the ability to contact the seller right off the deal’s page.

Contact the seller directly on the deal's page on eBay Kuponan

It’ll first give you a series of possible topics or questions you might have to make sure that you didn’t miss the information on the deal’s page. Yes, some people still ask questions even when all the necessary or important info have been laid out for them already. 😀

Check out eBay Philippines Kuponan and browse through their current deals. There might be something that you’ll need or you’re looking for. These vouchers can serve as Christmas gifts. How convenient, eh? 🙂