Suesh and Kiss & Make-up’s Christmas Giveaway – Ends 12/22

I have been very fond of joining giveaways lately where the prizes are makeup products or anything fancy. One of my latest finds is Suesh and Kiss & Make-up’s Christmas giveaway.

I have bought a Suesh angled eyebrow brush a couple of months ago and I am in love with it. I’ll be posting a review of it once I’ve owned the rest of their brush set. Hopefully, I’d win in this giveaway ‘cause one of the prizes is Suesh’ 7-set brush set valued at Php 2,400. Woot! 🙂

Aside from the 7-piece brush set, you also get a chance to win a Suesh Portable 3-way Led Lighted Mirror worth Php 8,000 and a Purple Suesh Color palette. 🙂

The mechanics are pretty easy. To join, click here or the banner above. Take note that the prizes need to be picked up from Suesh store in Greenhills or ATC. Good luck! 🙂

Experience Extraodinary Shopping Convenience with BPI

Ever since I started making money online, I have enjoyed the convenience of shopping online. So far, I’ve bought domains, software program licenses, stock images, bags, accessories, clothes and fashion accessories from various online stores. A few weeks ago, I even blogged about how I consider myself having this quasi-addiction to online shopping. And now that BPI has launched four (4) new innovations to make people like me enjoy online shopping more, I cannot wait for my next purchase! 🙂


BPI Cards New Website

Almost every errand I can think of now can be done online. So, it’s just fitting that BPI comes out with a new website where people can easily apply for a credit card online – BPI Cards. How convenient!

BPI's new website - BPI Cards

If you’re like me who can’t seem to decide which BPI credit card suits your needs, they have an innovative feature that should make it easy for you to choose – BPI Card Profiler. What this does is it recommends the right card for you through a survey or series of questions. Cool, eh?

Now, before you head on to, let me tell you 3 more cool new products from BPI.


BPI eCredit Card

BPI eCredit card is one heck of a cool product. I mean, if you’re like me who is paranoid about secure online transactions, then, you would be so glad to have this as an add-on or companion card to your BPI Express Mastercard (Blue, Gold, Edge, Petron and Skymiles).

What’s cool about the BPI eCredit card is it serves as your virtual credit card that you only use for online transactions. It has a different card number which secures your actual BPI Mastercard. Plus, you can set a sub-limit on this baby to ensure you only use up a certain amount on your online purchases. Pretty nifty, eh?

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Review / Guide: Shipping with Xend Express

Update 1/15/2013: Looks like Xend has improved their service. I recommend you use them again, but if you have really valuable items to ship, I still recommend you go for LBC, JRS Express or Air21.

Update (9/14/2012): There have been many reports / complaints from customers of Xend Express recently that I have stopped using them. I’m currently shipping through Fastrack, which I will review next. For updates on Xend, please visit their Facebook page.

Ever since I started hosting giveaways, I have always opted to ship the prizes to the winners because, first, it encourages more people to join plus it’s really convenient, not just for them, but for me as well since I won’t have to worry about meeting up with them individually. In my search for the best courier service for this purpose, I found Xend Express.

Xend for your shipment needs

Why Choose Xend?

If you have a local business wherein you need to ship packages to any Philippine address, I highly recommend using Xend’s courier services. They offer more affordable rates than any other courier service I’ve encountered.

Here are my other reasons for choosing Xend:

  • They offer free pick-ups and they never failed in following the schedules. I’ve had a couple of late pick-ups from other courier services which had nearby branches / centers in Malabon.
  • Their partner for provincial deliveries is LBC so if you have concerns about shipping to anywhere outside Metro Manila, this fact should convince you to choose Xend.
  • I have never had issues with Xend yet. I’ve had a total of 27 shipments coursed through them and never once did they fail on me. I’ve had 4 with another courier service and they were late half of the time. Pfft. 😐
  • They also have an online portal where you can schedule pick-ups, setup bulk shipments, calculate shipping rates, adding contacts for your deliveries, etc.
  • You can get coupons that you can use for the future if you reach a certain number of shipments.
  • Did I already say they offer very affordable shipping rates? 😀
  • They have no minimum number of packages or shipment fee for pick-up, unlike with LBC.

Xend is not perfect, I know. I’ve heard of issues from other customers about late deliveries and pick-ups, but I’m writing this review based on MY experience. I’m from Malabon and I’ve shipped 17 times to Metro Manila addresses and 10 times to the provinces. No courier service is perfect anyway. But, I’m after a more affordable shipping solution so I’m all for using Xend. 🙂

Xend provides you with waybills and packaging materials for your next shipping

Xend also gives you free packaging materials and waybills for your next shipments. This way, you can already prepare them in advance. Very useful for a more speedy pick-up.

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