Report Taxi Cabs through Taxi Kick

When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to have here along with my reviews is a way for people to send in their complaints against taxi cabs and drivers. I don’t have my own car so I’ve been riding cabs for a really long time now and I’ve had a ton of crazy, maddening and sometimes funny experiences with taxi drivers. So, I thought it’ll be nice to have a place for people to share their own taxi horror stories. I put up a form here where people can send in their complaints and I’ve published a couple of posts too related to these abusive taxi drivers and companies.

There were a couple of emails and messages sent my way, but because of my other responsibilities, I wasn’t able to maintain it. And, so, I’m glad to know that someone else thought about putting up a taxi complaint website like Taxi Kick. - Report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

Taxi Kick is a very simple website. All you have to do is fill up a form to report your complaint about your most recent bad experience with a taxi driver or company.

Taxi Kick - a way to report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines

They have a page where you can see all the latest reports and the top complaints too. There’s a total # of reports per day that’s also posted on the page, plus a list of taxi plate numbers that are getting the most complaints.

The thing is, from what I know, they’re not directly connected to LTFRB or MMDA. So, what they do is they collate all the reports and they send it to the proper authorities. Sadly, most of us would think there’s truly no assurance that proper action will be taken against the abusive taxi driver or at least the cab company involved. But, at least, this is a start, right? Take part and see how it works.

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Join AsianVogueShop, Glamourville and WWW Giveaway – Ends 01/20

Though I may not look like it, when I was in college, I was so into fashion. My college friends would even be surprised if I come to school with plain clothes on. But, for the past years, I’ve lost touch and this year, I’ve vowed to do something about it. I’ve already started with makeup, but I miss dressing up! 🙂 I’m not the girly-girl though so don’t expect me to wear any dresses anytime soon. 😀

With that said, I am loving all these new styles in shoes that ladies like me can choose from. And when I saw this giveaway, I just had to join. It’s What, When and WearaboutsAsianVogueShop and Glamourville giveaway.

They’re giving away one (1) Php 1,000 Asian Vogue Shop gift certificate, and one (1) Php 500 Glamourville GC. They both have gorgeous selections of shoes to choose from. But, you can also buy accessories, bags, etc.

Thing is, it’s the LAST DAY to join this giveaway so hurry and click on the banner above to join. Steps are pretty easy, no necessary slick trick to complete them. I already have a couple of shoes on my wish list so good luck to us! 🙂

Win an Urban Decay Anniversary Palette from My Kiss n Makeup : Ends 01/31

One of the things on my makeup wishlist is an Urban Decay palette. I’ve planned on buying it as a Christmas gift to myself, but I decided to postpone it because I wanted to learn more techniques in applying makeup. Now, I’m more confident with my makeup application so I’m ready to invest on a more expensive but of high quality eyeshadow palette.

But, guess what?! My Kiss ‘n Makeup is giving away an Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette, some Suesh beauty goodies, and a ton more in the second part of her holiday giveaway.

The  mechanics are easy! I don’t usually join giveaways with a ton of steps to complete. Yeah, learned my lesson in our food blog’s anniversary giveaway where we had a long list of requirements for participants to be eligible to win prizes. But, hey, I think we made a lot of people happy because there were many prizes too. Anyway, this post isn’t about that. I’m just saying that this giveaway uses Rafflecopter too (oh, don’t you love this nifty tool?!) so it makes it easy to join.

There are 3 sets of prizes and, of course, I’m aiming to win the first prize that includes the UD palette. But, if I win any of the other 2 prizes, it’ll be okay too. 😉 If you’d like to join, click on the banner above. You’ve got until January 31st to enter.

I miss joining giveaways. My last win was from Yugatech’s Cliptec giveaway and I miss the feeling of seeing my name on the list of winners. But, of course, I try to limit or choose which ones I’ll join. If the prizes are stuff I can just buy myself, I skip them. However, I did join some contests because the prizes will be mailed to the winners, like flipflops and thick titanium rings that you can have personalized for free. I wish I’d win again soon. I want an iPad 2 prize soon! 😀