Streamline your Operations with these 3 Online Services

Small business owners, most especially startups, find that keeping their businesses streamlined and running efficiently may not always be a low-cost undertaking. This is because majority of the tools in the marketplace can sometimes cost a lot, with prices running up to thousands of dollars. However, tools do not necessarily need to be expensive to get you the results you need. A few but effective tweaks to the way you’re running your business can make a huge difference. And if you’re like a lot of business owners who want to improve quality while reducing costs, then the three online tools listed below may just be what you need:


An excellent business name can mean advertisement that is virtually free. A name that resonates with consumers is a name that’s most likely to stick in their minds. For just a fraction of the cost paid by some companies to branding agencies for the same results, PickyDomains relies on the power of crowdsourcing. In business since 2007, PickyDomains has a pool of thousands of contributors, 50,000+ in all registered to date. Confidentiality is assured and you also get a money-back guarantee if none of the suggestions you receive fits into your naming needs.

All you need to do is to register first as a client, pay a downpayment of either $50 for a name or domain and/or $75 for a slogan, and then submit your list of naming requirements.


With its numerous functionality and the support services offered for free for small businesses comprised of 12 people or less, Bitrix24 is an essential tool which you may want to explore. No longer do you need separate tools in order to streamline tasks and communications in your office and when running your business. Simply put, Bitrix24 acts as a CRM and an office intranet in one. It has a free task management feature which allows for more effective collaboration. For instance, document management becomes easier with Bitrix24, where access, comments and discussions can be kept to relevant parties while, at the same time, ensuring a real-time type of discussion.

Privacy configurations can also be done on features such as forums, limiting who can have access to certain portions of the discussions regarding projects while also making it available to a broad set of participants – employees, project group members and even clients. With Bitrix24, tasks and schedule adherence are now made more transparent.  An upgrade to unlimited users is available for only $99 a month.


At a certain point, air travel may become part and parcel of your business operations, and the cheap airfare low-cost carriers offer can be a big help. JetRadar makes information from 728 airlines, hundreds of ticketing and flight sites readily available for public use in one central portal. This can save you a lot of time when searching for deals for airfares, particularly if you’re a frequent traveler. The service guarantees that prices shown on the site are final and comprehensive. No need to spend hours hopping from one airline site to another. With just one click, booking your flight is just minutes away, leaving you more time and energy to do other stuff that are far more important.

Shopping : More Convenient than Ever

Shopping is considered one of the favorite pastimes of most people. Now that it has evolved because of technology, particularly the internet, we can say that shopping has taken a giant leap in terms of how we get it done. From the old school way of lining up at a local supermarket (not to mention the difficulty of finding a parking spot, the crowds during sale season, and the grueling hours being stuck in traffic), we can now shop at the convenience of a few mouse clicks.

Online furniture stores

Online shopping offers, not just convenience, but a wide array of items for our buying needs. We can buy furniture or even outdoor furniture covers online. Isn’t it amazing? Everything that you might need may just be a click away!

Being the practical person that I am, even when I see the markup on an item’s price, I convince myself to buy it anyway since I know I’m buying the convenience that comes with the item. I always take that into consideration. However, when group-buying sites came into the picture, I can say they empowered consumers to take advantage of huge discounts on goods and services that are important for everyday needs and luxury, such as personal grooming, workouts, dance lessons, vacations and other special interests for you and your family to enjoy.

My favorite group-buying sites are Ensogo, CashCashPinoy and Deal Grocer because they feature a lot of interesting deals that I can choose from, and they offer amazing discounts/deals, while providing you a secured and convenient way of shopping. I haven’t had any negative experience from them yet, and I hope I won’t. 😉

Do you have a favorite group-buying site? Let me know at the comments section!

Review: Crumpler Gypsy Moth Pouch

If you’d ask me what accessory I have the most amount of, I’d have to say it’s going to be pouches. I swear, I own over 30 pouches and I use them to organize my stuff. But, since I hoard these pouches, I don’t really own anything with quality that I can swear by. But, I think I’ve found the one which, from the looks and touch of it, will last a very long time – the Gypsy Moth Pouch by Crumpler.

Gypsy Moth Pouch by Crumpler

This is no ordinary pouch, I tell yah. The whole pouch is made of a protective combo of waxed canvas outer and a waterproof vinyl base which ensures anything you put inside the pouch is protected. This is extremely useful when going out when it’s raining cats and dogs, or when going to the beach and you need to take your gadgets like your camera or smartphone with you. This vinyl base is also resistant to rips, which is usually the issue I have with pouches I currently own.

The Gypsy Moth Pouch also has a single, full-width compartment and zipper that enables you to access everything you have inside easily and quickly.

Inside the compartment of the Gypsy Moth Pouch

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