Review: Urbanears Tanto Headphones

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t mind paying a premium for a decent pair of headphones / earphones or a headset. For music lovers like me, it’s an investment. And if you ask me, I’m all for simple, sleek design than over-decorated headphones, especially since I do all my listening at home or when I travel. If your preferences fall under the same category, you’d surely love these Urbanears Tanto Headphones.

Urbanears Tanto Headphones - a Review

I’m not a fan of in-ear earphones and enormous headsets. This is why I love the minimalistic look of Urbanears Tanto. It’s lightweight and a very good choice for those who are always mobile and wants to bring their music with them everywhere they go.

Though the Urbanears Tanto sports a simple design, the quality of audio you get from it is what makes this worth the bucks. I played my favorite Youtube videos and listened to songs with it on my Samsung Galaxy SIII (I’ll write my own personal review of this next!), and the audio is seamless!

You can extend the audio connector for Urbanears Tanto headphones

Now, let’s get back to the design of Tanto. I personally don’t like this white pair. I’m just not a fan of white because of how dirty it’ll look over time even with vigorous cleaning. I guess that’s the only complaint I have about this. However, Urbanears is known for coming out with a wide variety of color options for their headphones, and the Tanto is no exception. Here in the PH though, we only have 3 choices – Cream (featured here), Grape and Sage. I’ll go for Grape. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Review: Crumpler Pleasure Dome (M) Camera Bag

In about a month, I’ll be traveling down South for a 4 day, 3 night vacation (well-deserved at that!). I’m sure it’ll be a fun-filled trip since we’ll get to see almost everything Bohol is known for. Of course, I’ll be bringing along my DSLR and digital cameras to capture the gorgeous sceneries around me. My only dilemma is how to bring them with me without running the risk of getting them wet or handling them improperly. Thankfully, there’s a bag that’s just perfect for my needs – Crumpler Pleasure Dome (M) camera bag.

Review of Crumpler Pleasure M camera bag

The name suits what this bag provides its owner – pleasure. It’s medium-sized and very compact that my first impression was I don’t think it’ll fit my camera comfortably. Surprisingly, my DSLR was almost literally hugged by this bag. If it can talk, it’ll probably sigh with relief that, finally, it is housed in a bag it very well deserves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How your DSLR camera looks inside the bag

Sadly, my photos of my DSLR inside the bag got corrupted, so I don’t have a proof of how comfy it was inside the bag.

What I love about this Crumpler Pleasure Dome camera bag is the thick padding inside. Just by touching, pinching and feeling the whole lining will ease your mind knowing that your camera will be in good hands.

Inside of the Crumpler Pleasure M camera bag has a velcro ready, thick cloth lining

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Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby

I was born in the 80s when The Beatles were very popular. My parents loved them so much that I ended up being named after one of their most memorable songs – Michelle. And I bet that the number of baby girls who were named Michelle during that time will amount to thousands. You might think I absolutely hate the fact that my name’s too common, but I’m actually happy about it because if my mom didn’t pick something popular, I could’ve probably be named Maria Theresa Annabella or something else that I know I’ll hate eventually. ๐Ÿ˜€

Though coming up with a unique name for your baby seem to be the best thing to do, parents, most especially those who welcome their first baby in the family, find the task a little daunting. You don’t want the name to be too different that other people, even your kid, will have a hard time writing, spelling or pronouncing it. Naming a person is one of the first responsibilities of parents and it can be overwhelming because of the wide number of choices. Thankfully, there are websites and even a baby names app, like Bounty for IOS, that aim to help parents choose a name for their child.

Bounty Baby names app for IOS Apple devices

The app gives you the origin, meaning or etymology of the name to help you decide. Most people would say that you should pick the ones that are more popular and common, and if you want to add some identity in there, you can select a middle name too. They have a list of favourites by the users of the app. You can check the Top 100 or use the random picker if you don’t want to spend all your time going through a ton of choices. It’s a pretty nifty tool for soon-to-be parents or those who are waiting for the newest addition to their family. ๐Ÿ™‚