Pinay Reviewer – An Introduction

Some of you might know me already from my other blogs (Just Another Pixel, Certified Foodies, Pinay Online Money Maker). If you don’t know me yet, please check out the About Pinay Reviewer page.

Reviews by a Pinay -

So, what’s up with this blog – Pinay Reviewer?! Well, it’s divided into 2 sections – the Reviews and the Promo & Giveaway Alerts.

The Reviews

I know you might be wondering why I even started this blog considering that there are already a LOT of review sites out there, paid and non-paid, and other bloggers who post their own reviews on their blogs, too. Well, like them, the reason why I wanted to write reviews is to provide feedback to the companies, manufacturers or people behind the products, services, websites and blogs that I will review here.

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