An Old Time Favorite Game

While I was rummaging through my pile of stuff here in my room last week, I found an old bingo card that I used as a bookmark for my journal (yes, I have an offline journal). It reminded me of the days when I was younger when I would come by here in Dampalit (we used to live in Navotas, a hop and skip away from Malabon) with my dad and stay for days to bond with my cousins and relatives on his side of the family. One of the many games we used to play was bingo.

Bingo cards

I distinctly remember my grandmother Esther took her time to show me how it’s done. It was her all-time favorite past-time, so she was the perfect person to guide me on how it’s played. Since the mechanics are pretty easy, I quickly learned how to be one of the players, and even enjoyed being the one calling out the drawn numbers.

Sad to say, our family no longer have those days where we’d spend a lazy afternoon playing bingo. But, whenever I see those sites where you can play online bingo for cash, they remind me of all the fun we had back then. Technology has made it easier for us to enjoy it, and since we’re adults, I bet my cousins would gladly accept my challenge to play online with them. 😀

I wish that if I do have a family of my own, it’ll be one of those games we’d play. There’s no need for real money to be involved, just clean, straight-out fun, without the need for real intellectual prowess, but pure luck of the draw. 😉

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