Play On

Do you have a friend who has the same amount of passion for music as you do? I happen to be a very lucky woman having met my college friends who I played in a band with and my very close friends now who I share the same love for certain genres of music. My bro and I even seem to love the same music artists and songs. 🙂

Music loverAs I’ve written here before, I have keen interest in music. I fell in love with songs from the 80s and I’ve observed that my preferences only broadened over the years, but didn’t change at all. I still enjoy old songs whenever I hear them anywhere. The biggest regret I have though is not being able to find time to seriously learn how to play an instrument, especially the guitar.

I believe music will always be a universal language. With the advancement of technology, especially with the vast resources online, it’s easy to learn anything online and find information on various topics, like musicians friend coupon codes as gifts for your music-loving friends. Ken is even hinting on wanting a guitar for his birthday this year after seeing an online store that sells guitars at affordable prices. 😀

No matter what level of musical abilities you have, you can find anything you need online to jumpstart your musical journey. YOLO – you only live once, and always remember that we’re never too young or old to develop our talents and skills! We only stop learning when we’re six feet below the ground. 🙂

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