Concerts I Missed and Will Miss

The last time I watched a concert was late last year when the Black Eyed Peas were here. It was a lot of fun, especially because I was partying with my bro at the VIP section (thanks… you know who you are). I remember almost losing my voice the next day and having a hard time hearing because of all the shouting, cheering, and singing we did the whole night. Not to mention the body pains we experienced the day after the concert as a result of standing up for almost 8 hours! 😀 It was all worth it, and I am now on the lookout for the next concert we’ll be watching.

Just last week, LMFAO was in concert here in Manila. My bro was urging me to watch. I love LMFAO, but the sad thing is I only know 2 of their songs. So, I didn’t want to spend money on their concert. But, I bet, if we went, I’d feel double the body pain the next day. 😀 I mean, how can you NOT dance along their music?!

LMFAO Sorry for Party Rocking in Manila

Before I even knew about the Backstreet Boys’ concert here, I’ve started listening to BSB’s old albums on loop. In fact, last week, their songs were stuck in my head. Then, when we were at SM North Edsa, I saw their poster and the date of their concert with New Kids on the Block on June 3, 2012. My heart seriously skipped a beat. BUT, the tickets are way too expensive for me. I’m desperate to watch them though, so I’m hoping there’ll be free tickets coming my way. 😉New Kids on The Block and Backstreet Boys Live in Manila

Writing about this now made me miss the times when I’d go out, jam and party with my wild and crazy friends. We didn’t care if we had to wait for hours for the concerts of Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads, and Rivermaya to start. The music is enough to make us forget the pain of standing on our feet while waving our hands in the air and singing our hearts out along with the music artists.

During the BEP concert, by the way, my bro and I were amazed at how high-tech the whole stage setup was. I think I took like 500+ shots on that night alone. Plus, aside from the actual performances, the bass and mixes would get you all pumped up to dance and sing along. With all that power, it’s important to use quality instruments, power conditioners like those from Furman and sound systems.

I’m going to end this post with a photo of Taboo that I took when he climbed down the stage towards our side. He was THAT close to us, I can touch his hand if I wanted. But, I opted to take photos of him instead. 😀

Taboo at their 2011 Black Eyed Peas concert here in Manila

I’m hoping to watch the NKOTB and BSB concert in June, or Lady Gaga this May. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

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