Loud Music, Play On

The other day, my room underwent a major cleaning from me, our helper, and a li’l from my bro. As we went through my old stuff, I had a difficult time choosing which ones need to go and what I still want to keep. And among those that I kept are photos of me from back in college when I was still a metal / hard rock fanatic.

It’s amazing how my taste of music has dramatically changed over the past decade. When I was still in college, true to my rebel days, I listened to a lot of metal and hard rock music. I distinctly remember my mother knocking on my door to a point of almost breaking it down ’cause she wanted me to turn down the volume of my music player. 😀 She never understood how all that loud music made me concentrate more on my studying.

Since I got friends and a boyfriend who were in a band and played a lot of Metallica, Nirvana and Black Sabbath, I was so into all that "noise" during my late teens up to my very early 20s. I’d go watch them rehearse and even join their jamming sessions just to get all that high that rock music gives me. They tried to educate me about how all those electric equipment, distortion pedals, equalizers, amplifiers, and other instruments work, but I never really paid attention as I was just there to enjoy the music. 😀 I do remember all the things they’ve imparted to me like how distortion pedals are a must for guitar players who perform on-stage. Makes the sound crisp and clean without requiring a new amp. See? I remember! They’d be so proud of me! 😀

Writing about it now, I miss those days. I’m starting to believe that the older you get, the less loud music you can endure. 😀 I’m no music hater, and I don’t think I’ll ever be (I have preferences is another way to put it). Now, I listen to more rhythm and blues. I wish i can get in touch with my friends again from college. I wonder if they still love the same kind of music we used to enjoy together.

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