Kikaysimaria and BB Cream Addict Pre-Holiday Giveaway Contest : Ends 10/25

I look fresher, don't you agree?Though I’m turning 31 (*ulk*) in a couple of days, it was only this year when I learned how to properly put on makeup. I used to just slap on face powder, line my eyebrows and put on a  li’l bit of color on my eyes. I didn’t care back then, but just looking at the gorgeous ladies who blog about beauty and fashion inspired me to learn more about makeup and, well, looking good. For now, though, I’d like to focus on prettifying myself as I learn more about makeup.

I’ve bought a couple of beauty products the past months and one thing that I fell in love with is my Maybelline BB cream. I know, that’s like one of the basic BB cream I can ever use, but I loved its effect on my face. Some may need hormone replacement therapy to look and feel better, but I know makeup can help me with that. Ever since I started using BB creams, I’ve observed that I look fresher without the too-much-makeup-on look. And, so, I wanted to try more BB creams to see which one would really work for my combination skin.

This is why I’m joining Kikay si Maria and BB Cream Addict’s Pre-Holiday Giveaway contest. Just check out all these prizes! 🙂

Kikay si Maria and BB Cream Addict's Pre-Holiday Giveaway contestClick on the photo above to go to the official giveaway page or click here.

Go ahead and join the giveaway now because this ends on October 25, 2011. I hope I’d win any of the prize packages so I can try the Luview BB creams they’re giving away and all the other beauty products included like the Le Faerie and Milani makeup.

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