I Suck at Packing

Last week, I successfully booked a flight with Cebu Pacific for our Bohol 4D3N vacation in October to celebrate birthdays in our family (mine and my bro’s). I haven’t been to Bohol yet, and it was just perfect timing that a long-time friend of mine was also going to Bohol for a vacation with her whole family. We decided to move our vacation dates to coincide with theirs.

I know I still need to wait 5 more months, but I’m already too excited. The last time I was on a real vacation with my family was back in December of 2010 when we went to Pagudpud. Yes, we went to Baguio in March, but there was somehow work involved. I want a more relaxing vacation somewhere far away.

One of the common problems I encounter when going on a vacation was packing light. I swear, I suck at it. I remember almost needing tie down straps for my luggage when I went on a short vacation in Cebu. I brought everything but the kitchen sink! 😀

This closely shows how much stuff I bring whenever I travel. I need to work on that!

I also remember how much stuff we brought home from our 5-day vacation to Pagudpud. I think we started with just our own bags. And when we came home, we had about 4 or 5 more large bags with us. Sheesh! 😀

I promise to not bring my laptop on our Bohol vacation. I don’t want any distractions. I’ll just use my smartphone to check if there’ll be any problems at work or with our blogs. I plan to disconnect myself from the web, the same way we were forced to not have internet access during our trip up North. It was fun ’cause we all got to bond with our companions. I also got to experience everything with my full attention.

I just wish we can get a better deal in our trip to Bohol. I’m already starting to read on what our itinerary would include. I bet it’ll be another adventure. 🙂 Need to prepare myself physically too, especially because I might end up bringing a lot of things with me again. 😀

Chocolate Hills, here I come!! 😉

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