Working Out at Home with My Elliptical

I’ve talked about losing weight many, many times in the past year, and so far, I think I gained more weight when I tried to go on a diet. After checking my weight last month, I firmly decided I need a complete lifestyle change.

Since I’m a food writer / blogger (Certified Foodies) and I have a passionate love for anything and everything about food, I know that going on a restrictive diet will NEVER work for me. I need DISCIPLINE more than anything else to successfully lose weight.

Our weighing scale screams HELP!Those are not my feet, by the way.

My parents are also getting older. It’s embarrassing to admit that in our family, no one even barely exercise anymore. This is not good. My nanay has complained of arthritis and pains on her legs. So, you see, we badly need to exercise.

Since I know, based on my past attempts, that I won’t be successful if I go to a gym, I decided to buy us our own gym equipment. And thank goodness I found an online store through Sulit (see below) that sells heavy-duty gym equipment / machines in almost ridiculously low prices than when you buy them at the mall or sports stores.

I recommend you contact ATR Sports Supplies and don’t go to their store anymore. When we did, there was no machine or equipment present. We thought they have like a store display or something. Anyway, they accept cash on delivery in case you’re doubtful about transacting with them. Ask for Abby or Duane.

ATR Sports Supplies' Elliptical Bike Trainer

We chose the Body Kinetix Magnetic Elliptical Bike Trainer. The delivery guy, who I think was named Joseph (my memory fails me now), came in and assembled the whole elliptical bike trainer right in front of me… with no guide. 😀

When I inquired the first time, I was told that there’ll be a Php 200 delivery charge to our home in Malabon. But, when Joseph came, he said that it’s all for free. I gave him the amount as tip anyway. I’m also well aware of the distance from their store to our home, so might as well give them a tip for gas too, right?

The reason I went for this magnetic elliptical bike trainer is because it uses magnets to give you the resistance you want. That means you get a much better workout from it. Also, the whole body of the bike is made of heavy-duty metal.

Body Kinetix elliptical bike trainer

They have other gym equipment there. But, for now, I think I’m satisfied with this one. We’re buying dumbbells too and exercise mat so I can focus on forcing my nanay and bro to work out with me. 😀

Yeah, some may say that buying your own gym equipment at home won’t really work ’cause it’s conveniently accessible. I find that reasoning illogical, to be honest. All I can say is if you’re too lazy to work out at home even with all the equipment you have, how much more disinclined would you be to go to an actual gym? Well, unless you have other reasons for being there, if you get my drift. 😉 If you’re unsure that this will just collect dust at home, then, it’s your attitude towards exercise that needs changing.

Our elliptical bike trainerSo far, my nanay has been using the bike every other day. She said she noticed some improvement on her legs. I’ve only been on it twice since we got it last May 14th ’cause of too many things I needed to accomplish. But, I swore to finish EVERYTHING this weekend so I can officially start exercising on our new elliptical bike trainer.

What I like about this elliptical bike is you get 2 workouts in 1 machine – the elliptical can give you a simulation like you’re walking or running (depending on your speed) while giving your arms a workout as well. Then, there’s the bike. If you’re tired after working out on the elliptical, you can sit down and pedal some more. I recommended to my nanay that she spends at least a minute on the elliptical after 5 minutes on the bike. I think she can stay on there now for 30 minutes. I’d probably be able to stay on for longer. 🙂

I understand, we still need to go on a more healthful and nutritious diet. Buying an elliptical bike is just a third (1/3) of the weight loss journey. Because of our blood type, we want to lessen our rice and wheat intake, and put in more protein from meat instead. I lost 30 pounds in 2010 after going on a no / less rice diet and drinking tea almost everyday WITHOUT exercise, so I know it’s truly effective. The last part, which is discipline, will play the major role since you need to push yourself to exercise and to eat healthier.

I’ve tried diet pills before. Nothing worked ’cause after I lost the weight and got off the pills, I was back on my unhealthy lifestyle. I still have plans of running a marathon – it’s on my bucket list. So, I really need to get these legs and my whole body prepared. 😉

Do you have exercise equipment at home? Has it been effective for you? Share your experiences at the comments section! 🙂

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    I only have resistance bands and 2 2lb dumbbells. But I don’t think that can be considered equipment. I usually just do body weight exercises that I learned from my trainor before.

    As I can remember her telling me… there isn’t any sense in lifting weights and using all fancy equipment if you can’t even lift your own weight. Makes so much sense to me.

  • tau

    hi! im not exercise addict nor am i very strong. i just love the feeling i get whenever i run. i do run almost everyday but my pace isn’t fir for those who want to compete (rhyme?):). i still prefer running or walking since i think buying exercise equipments is impractical since it surely cost some fortune. the only things i bought for my fitness are a couple of running/ walking outfits and exercise mat. i run not because i want to loose weight. i run because i want to be fit and i guess that just suffice everything.

  • Congrats on your new exercise equipment. My mom has a stationary bike at home pero di pa rin siya ganado. Hay. Iba talaga pag yung mindset nag-give up agad. I will mention your mom’s story to my mom. Baka ma-inspire. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  • Walking is good exercise too.  =)

    • Too many dogs out on the streets when it’s dark (parang me gang ata sila hahaha) so it’s not safe to walk or jog. Too polluted in the afternoon. Reasons why we opted to buy this. 🙂

  • I am also so desperate to lose my excess baggages, unfortunately exercise is not my arena…but when I saw this stationary bike, ayun pinabasa ko kay OFW hubby ang post mo…sana ibili din ako hehehhe..

    Miss U

  • We have the elliptical machine, pero mali ang pagka-assemble ni kuya kasi ambigat kahit zero resistance, so I will call the Sports House to fix it. I, too, need to go back to exercising and dieting as I am slowly gaining the weight I’ve lost.

    Good luck to you and your nanay… here’s to better health!

    • Oh, di sila nag-assemble? Same here. I’ve proven that I’ve already gained the weight back… and more pa nga ata. waaahh! Ang sarap kasi kumain noh!! @_@

      Good luck to you too, Jen! Hopefully, when we see each other again, pumayat na tayo. *tee hee*

  • peachkins

    Good Luck Mhel… I’m planning to go on a diet next month when the hubby goes back to Dubai. huhuhu, I’m gaining weight while he’s here……

    • Ano ka ba, that’s okay. I don’t think you’ll completely enjoy your time together if you’re restricting yourself, davah? Ang tawag jan HIYANG. *wink wink*

      And yes, when he leaves, then diet or exercise again. IMHO, for us foodies, it’s better to exercise than go on a diet. Mag-fail usually eh, especially with all the delicious dishes you cook. 😉

  • mahirap bang gamitin, nakakatakot bumili baka mastock lang sa bahay

    • I enjoy using it so much. 2 workouts in one equipment. Discipline is also important since that’ll push you to exercise. Nasa tao na yan. If you’re afraid na di mo magamit, it’s not the machine’s fault, but it’s your attitude towards exercise that needs to change. 🙂