Review: Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Blue / Pink Headphones

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been a music lover. I listen to a wide range of genres and I’m no hater. I can listen to slow ballads or loud metal music, whatever suits me on a given time. I even remember studying for major exams with my earphones on back in high school and college. I can truly say that music has been a big part of my life ‘cause there’s always a song that soothes my soul, however I may be feeling at the moment.

This is why it’s very important to me that I have a decent sound system wherever I go. I invested on high-end computer speakers here at home because I want to make sure that whenever I play music with hard-hitting bass and acoustics, I can clearly hear them and I can easily get into the zone, if you know what I mean. 🙂

But, I can’t always have my speakers with me so I really need a set of headphones that can give me the same quality of music while I’m on the go. I also don’t want anything bulky or would make me look silly when I wear them outside. Enter my new Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones.

Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Blue Pink Headphones -

I may not be the most girly girl in the world, but I do enjoy wearing colorful accessories, especially when I’m in a party mood. And these Pure Kandi headphones just suit me. So, I was really curious if, aside from my eyes, it’ll also satisfy my music-lover ears.

If you’re thinking of giving this as a gift, there’s no need to gift-wrap it. Very chic, even with the packaging, eh? 😉

By the way, a quick background on Hed Kandi. I’m sure most of you have heard of them. They’re a popular music and lifestyle brand. They’re a record label, a chain of bars, a fashion brand, a radio show and an international clubbing sensation. So, it’s just perfect for them to come out with their own set of accessories like these headphones for all their music followers globally.

If you check their website, you’d find that their range of headphones and earphones mostly are designed for fashionable women. But, these Pure Kandi headphones also come in black, purple, and white coral. I say guys can go for the black one.

The Pure Kandi headphones can be folded away for easier packing -

What I like about these Pure Kandi headphones is they can be folded so I can keep and bring them with me easily, without having to worry about it being too bulky and even the possibility of damaging them.

Speaking of damages, however, one thing that I observed is the hinges’ durability. They don’t look that sturdy. I had to be VERY careful while adjusting or rotating the headphones so I can fold them properly. They’re thin and look like they can break anytime. The price you have to pay for slim earphones. 😀 Just be very careful.

The blue shade of this Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones may not appeal to everyone -

The headband is also made of thin metal so you can easily hide it underneath your hair. And it also don’t look too bulky when you wear them so you can actually go out with them on. Just wear something that will suit the color though. 😀

On to the actual headphones. The ear pads are very soft and I love how they feel on my ears. I even finished a whole season of Will & Grace while wearing them and they’re pretty comfortable on me. I guess the only downside that some may feel is it’s a li’l tight and that might hurt your ears after prolonged use. But, when it’s on you, you can be pretty sure it’ll stay there ‘til you adjust them.

Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones has an anti-angle cord and is made for your listening pleasure -

My Pure Kandi headphones have this curled part of the wire that’s supposed to be this set’s anti-tangle feature. In my experience though, being the clumsy gal that I am, it didn’t help. 😀

Before I go on with the quality of sound they produce, here’s the list of specifications:

  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Impedence: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB
  • Max input power: 100 mW
  • Cable length: 1.5m

My bro Kenneth and I actually took turns to try this baby out to know how we’d enjoy the sound it produces. He loves watching videos on my iPad and listening to music on his Blackberry phone and iPod Shuffle. His verdict? For a slim set of headphones, the quality of sound is excellent. The audio is very clear and when he’s listening to music, you can really hear the boom of the bass. Kept his head bopping while listening to his favorite songs. 😀

My bro enjoyed using my Pure Kandi headphones while watching videos on our iPad -

My take? I tested how effective it’ll be when I’m at my computer shop that’s usually abuzz with noisy kids. When I get bored and tired from all my online, writing and design tasks, I usually watch my favorite TV series or movies while manning my internet cafe.

When I used my Pure Kandi headphones, I didn’t need to crank up the volume of the videos I was playing. That’s definitely good for the ears. I can hear each dialogue very clearly and I barely hear any of the kids’ yelling about while playing games (DoTA and First Person Shooting mostly). In fact, I didn’t hear any one of them telling me to add or extend their rental time. 😀

Hed Kandi Pure Kandi headphones make my viewing of Will & Grace more enjoyable -

Overall, I really enjoyed my new Hed Kandi Pure Kandi Blue/Pink headphones. I now use it whenever at my internet cafe and it never fails to get some attention. One of my young female customers even asked me where I bought it and loved the color. And I’ll be bringing this along next time when I know I’ll need my favorite tunes with me on a trip.

You can wear these Hed Kandi headphones whatever your mood is -

This baby costs Php 1,990 and is available at the following stores and distribution outlets:

  • Power Mac
  • Power Hub
  • iStudio
  • Astrovision
  • Technoholics
  • Bratpack
  • Mobile 1
  • Xsite
  • 8 Telecom
  • Abenson
  • Electroworld
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker

You can also find other Hed Kandi products at these stores, including Kandies, Discotheque, and DiscoHeaven.

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