Giveaways Galore #5 : Certified Foodies’ 2nd Anniversary + More!

My food blog, Certified Foodies, that I lovingly share with my younger brother Ken, is celebrating its SECOND anniversary this year. It was supposed to just be a month-long celebration, but because of our generous giveaway partners, it looks like it’ll be extended ’til July.

This year, we decided to do things differently. Instead of one massive giveaway, we’re doing a series of 7 giveaways. We’ve already launched the first 5 and the FIRST one will end this week, June 16th, so hurry!

Click on the banners below to check the mechanics on the giveaway posts:

Certified Foodies 2nd Anniversary Giveaway 1 - Win Php 1,500 Sariwon Gift certificates Certified Foodies 2nd Anniversary Giveaway 2 - Win Php 500 J.CO Donuts Gift certificates

Certified Foodies 2nd Anniversary Giveaway 3 - Win Php 500 Jollibee Gift certificates Certified Foodies 2nd Anniversary Giveaway 4 - Win a Tupperware Speedy Chopper

My brother and I are writing for the newest food magazine in the country – Breakfast Magazine, so, of course, they’re part of our giveaway!

Certified Foodies 2nd Anniversary Giveaway 5 - Win a one (1) year subscription to Breakfast Magazine

Giveaway #6 will be launched this week and the last one, we’re hoping to launch over the weekend. So, keep posted! 🙂

Now, if you’re done joining our anniversary giveaways, here are others you might be interested in joining:

I’m supposed to host a giveaway on this blog too, but because it coincided with our foodie giveaway, I decided to postpone until possibly my birthday in October.

I hope I won’t be too busy by then because of my upcoming projects ( ‘kala mo artista 😀 kayod-kalabaw lang), including some home improvements that my nanay and I are planning for starting in late July or August. We’re currently canvassing for materials for gardening (yes, we’re hoping to convert our backyard to a full-on garden! We want to plant veggies and herbs out there 😉 ), patio glider parts, a new sofa set, etc. Can’t wait! 🙂

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