Giveaways Galore #2

This blog has been utterly neglected because of my schedule. You’d think that after 2 months since the day I started at my new job, I’ve completely adjusted. But, no. 🙁 I’m still struggling to sleep in the afternoon ’til my next shift ends. And I’ve got too many tasks unrelated to my actual work that I haven’t finished my reviews yet. I’ve got 4 product reviews just sitting in my drafts folder. 😀 I swear, I’ll fix this by next week since I want to make sure I’ve published my reviews for all the products I’ll be giving away on this blog’s anniversary. 🙂

Anyway, though I’ve been really busy, I still had time to join a couple of contests since they don’t require me to edit photos (okay, except the first one listed), write my own personal reviews and thoughts, and all the things I usually do with my blog posts before I publish them. I even had to ask people to leave their giveaway links for this post on my Facebook page and on multiple groups. 😀

Okay, enough intro. Here are the giveaways I recommend you join. GOOD LUCK!

I promise, next week, I’ll start posting my pending reviews. I’ve got too many products to write about! My room will be undergoing a major cleanup next week to make room for my "home office". I’m on the market for a kick-ass office table and comfy chair, plus probably a bigger monitor, new lighting fixtures (maybe led light bulbs for less energy costs), and a shelf, which I’d probably hire someone to build for me. I’m excited about it! 🙂 Hopefully the new ambiance in my room will make me more productive, eh? 😀

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