Giveaways Galore #1

Since I barely have time now to share all the giveaways I wanted to join or have awesome prizes, I thought I’ll just do a quick weekly roundup for you. The prizes may range from gift certificates, beauty products, gadgets, and more. If you have a giveaway you’d like me to include on every Giveaway Galore post, just comment with the link.

There are a bunch of other international giveaways I’ve joined, but I decided not to share them since they have a lonnggggggg list of mechanics. I usually don’t recommend giveaways like them here. I even found a Kitchen Aid giveaway. I joined without really any hope I’d win. It’s open internationally and you know how many people would want to get their hands on a free Kitchen Aid mixer. 😀

If you know of any international or local giveaways where the prizes are kitchenware, cooking tools, or even grills, please, please, let me know. 🙂

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