Eveready, Forever!

My family and I have been Eveready users for as long as I can remember. Eveready batteries have been with us through thick and thin and it’s the only trusted brand of batteries of my family.

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Eveready is our only choice of batteries for all our gadgets that need battery power. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep most of our old gadgets, but let me share with you some of them and some of my other memorable experiences with Eveready batteries, for nostalgia’s sake.

Our old school cameras
Though I love our digital cameras now, I still enjoyed those old 35mm cameras because I realized, just now, that during those times when we only had film cameras, we make the most out of the remaining shots. And the anticipation of having those photos printed is priceless.

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Roger and Frances

We used to bring along 2 packs of Eveready AA batteries during our travels, and that would be more than enough for a 5 to 7 day vacation with almost whole day photo-taking. That’s how long-lasting Eveready batteries are.

Our trip to Baguio,  lugging around our Eveready-powered 35mm camera - PinayReviewer.com

My lola’s AM-only radio
My grandma has this habit of listening to the radio every night as she tries to sleep. I would lie beside her as we listen to all those radio dramas she’s addicted to. I would usually beat her to sleeping *LOL*. (Okay, I’m a little teary-eyed here just remembering that moment. I miss my lola!)

My beloved lola and me - PinayReviewer.com

Her radio didn’t have any electric cord and was only powered by batteries. And, of course, we only used Eveready batteries to power her radio. We had a store back then where we also sell Eveready batteries so she never runs out of them in case the other ones need replacement.


No longer afraid of the dark because of a Flashlight Trick

I remember back when I was a kid, I used to be really scared of the dark. One of the most memorable moments with my father was when I was crying out his name ’cause I was stuck in my room when the electric power suddenly went out. My father ran towards my bed, holding this big flashlight, telling me everything will be okay. He then handed me the flashlight and taught me how to play with it. I learned how to be a "scary ghost in the dark" (one of the most popular scary things you could do with your flashlight), which, I guess, made my fears of the dark go away.

My father and I when I was a baby - PinayReviewer.com

My father and I never had a good relationship when I was a kid ’til I finished college. But, I still held on to those special moments when I felt he cared for me when I was younger, when he was a father to me. I remember he’d let me play with the flashlight and he’s the one who would replace the Eveready D batteries when they run out of battery power. Priceless moments right there. And those memories are the ones that made me believe until now that he did was a father to me and he did love me.

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I probably have hundreds more of Eveready memories throughout the years, but those three really had the most impact or effect on me. My family is still loyal to the Eveready brands even now that we have other choices, so I know we’ll be making more Eveready moments/memories. Eveready batteries have simply proven they’re worth the money so why go for other brands, right?

Eveready batteries power our remote controllers at home - PinayReviewer.com

Our remote controllers at home for our televisions, sound systems and video players have been all powered by Eveready, even up to now.

Only Eveready batteries for my wireless mouse - PinayReviewer.com

I even have a wireless mouse now and I use Eveready AA batteries on it.

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By the way, I love that the packs of Eveready batteries include this li’l comic strip with these useful battery tips at the back:

1. Avoid fake, cheap, and unknown batteries that may not be safe for your gadgets. They may leak and damage your devices. Entrust your devices to Eveready, guaranteed safe for your devices.

Eveready useful battery tips - PinayReviewer.com

2. Dispose old batteries. Eveready batteries are safe to throw in ordinary trash bins because there are no Mercury and Cadmium added. These may be present in the cheap ones and are harmful to the enviroment.

I couldn’t agree more with these tips. That’s why my family will trust Eveready batteries forever!

This is my official entry to Nuffnang and Eveready’s Eveready Moments Contest.Join Eveready's Eveready Moments Contest - PinayReviewer.com

P.S. Writing this post made me realize that Eveready has been a big part of my life since I was a kid. It’s pretty cool to know and see that everywhere I look here at our home, I see something that is powered by Eveready.

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