Review: Crumpler Headaitch Bag Medium Black

When shopping for bags, there are usually just a couple of things that I look for: durability and it should be black. 😀 This Crumpler Headaitch carry-on luggage covers both so it most definitely makes it to the top of my favorite bags of all time.

Crumpler Headaitch Tote Carry-on Luggage

As soon as I opened the package I received for my reviews, I heard myself shrieking like a little girl. “Blackkkkkk”. Yes, I love black. And I love bags. But, those are not the only reasons why I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it.

It’s from Crumpler and I didn’t know they carry a bag that is designed like a tote. It does look simple from the outside, but as soon as you touch it and feel the durable and waterproof material that was used to make the bag, you’ll see that it’s no ordinary tote.

Crumpler Headaitch bag can be used as a tote

Since I usually go out with almost everything but the kitchen sink – DSLR, digicam, smartphone, umbrella, kikay kit with some makeup for touch-ups, brush, wallet, coin purse etc – I need a bag that can carry all that without hurting my shoulders or that fear that I might break it eventually. The Crumpler Headaitch never gave me those worries as I tried to stuff it with the usual things I carry. The shoulder straps weren’t a pain even when I packed all my heavy stuff in there.

This bag, categorized as a carry-on luggage on Crumpler’s site, is not just suited for casual events. It’s so simple and chic that I won’t mind bringing this to a meeting or a more formal engagement.

When I’m about to go out and the weather’s not cooperating, I usually take a bag that I feel would protect everything inside from the rain. Sadly though, that would mean I’ll need to bring my heavier bags. The Crumpler Headaitch bag is the solution! It’s water-resistant and it will keep all your things secure and dry. The material is lightweight too. It’s like raincoat for your stuff. 😉

Now, how about the space inside? From the outside, you’d think it doesn’t have much space. Here’s a peek:

Inside the Crumpler Headaitch bag are 3 pockets

It has a pair of deep velcro-fastened pockets and a full-width zippered pocket on the other side. I LOVE IT! I won’t have to scour through my stuff to get what I need ’cause they’ll be nicely organized in those pockets.

With the durability of the bag, I can definitely use this for traveling as my carry-on luggage or even for shopping!

Crumpler Headaitch bags comes in 5 colors

Headaitch also comes with a lifetime guarantee, just like all Crumpler products. It’s made of rip-stop lining, injection moulded velcro in the pockets inside, and bonded nylon thread with reinforced stitching on all stress points. Definitely a heavy-duty tote bag from Crumpler.

Crumpler Headaitch Specs:

  • Width: 41 cm / 16 inches
  • Height: 30.5 cm / 12 inches
  • Depth: 23 cm / 9 inches
  • Volume: 17 L / 1037 cubic inches
  • Empty Weight: 0.55 kg / 1.2 lbs

Available Colors:

  • Purple / Green
  • Dark Purple
  • Navy / Teal
  • Black
  • Light Grey / Yellow

Price: Php 2,550

Available at these Crumpler stores:

  • Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet
  • Crumpler Trinoma
  • Crumpler Megamall
  • Crumpler Robinsons Ermita

I wonder why Crumpler named this Headaitch. Hmmm…

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