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Review / Guide: Shipping with Xend Express

Update 1/15/2013: Looks like Xend has improved their service. I recommend you use them again, but if you have really valuable items to ship, I still recommend you go for LBC, JRS Express or Air21. Update (9/14/2012): There have been many reports / complaints from customers of Xend Express recently that I have stopped usingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Revitalize Your Hair with RO2 Beauty & Wellness’ Hair Treatments

Revitalize Your Hair with RO2 Beauty & Wellness’ Hair Treatments

Ever since I was younger, I admit, I never gave my hair the care it needed. I’ve had it permed, colored multiple times, straightened through rebonding twice, and blow-dried countless times. The only thing I did to make it smoother was to use conditioner. That’s it. I only focused on taking care of my face,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Protect+ : Longer Worry-Free Warranty for your Apple Gadgets

Whenever we buy new gadgets, one of the most important things we want to know is the coverage of the warranty. In fact, people are willing to spend more just to get enough warranty for their devices because of the possible costs of repair. I know for a fact that Apple product aficionados are moreContinue Reading