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Shop at Great Value within the Metro

The capital of the Philippines, Metro Manila, is also considered the shopping capital, obviously because of the many malls and discounted stores (some housed in steel buildings) that are scattered around the Metro, delighting female and male shopaholics alike. Of course, there are high-end malls with designer merchandise like at Greenbelt, but if you areContinue Reading

Choosing Weight Loss Products as Diet Supplements

The paradox is, while many people in poor countries die from lack of food, people in rich countries continue to make pharmaceutical companies richer by buying weight loss products. There are just so many obese people that the diet supplement industry is worth billions of dollars combined! But, what are effective weight loss products? InContinue Reading

Steps Against Aging

Aging is, for many people, one of the most stressful parts of life, as it can affect us in any number of ways that manifest themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. For the most part, it is the physical changes involved with aging that tend to resonate the loudest with people and in particular women. TheContinue Reading