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Kikay Prizes I’ve Won : Part 1

Most of you are probably subscribed to this blog because of my promo or giveaway alerts. So, I know you’re all fully aware how much I love joining giveaways. Lately, I’ve been so much into entering those with cosmetics or makeup as prizes. I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky recently because of these prizesContinue Reading

An Old Time Favorite Game

While I was rummaging through my pile of stuff here in my room last week, I found an old bingo card that I used as a bookmark for my journal (yes, I have an offline journal). It reminded me of the days when I was younger when I would come by here in Dampalit (weContinue Reading

Be Better : A New Online Resource for Educators

"We never stop learning ’til we’re 6 feet below the ground." This has been one of my beliefs ever since I was young. I believe that anyone, in school or not, we all have to satisfy our need for learning. I believe it’s our right and it shouldn’t stop in school, which is why IContinue ReadingContinue Reading