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Concerts I Missed and Will Miss

The last time I watched a concert was late last year when the Black Eyed Peas were here. It was a lot of fun, especially because I was partying with my bro at the VIP section (thanks… you know who you are). I remember almost losing my voice the next day and having a hardContinue Reading

Ways a Shopaholic can Save Money : Share Yours!

I’m a self-confessed shopaholic. However, for the past few years, I learned how to practice self-control, which paved the way to learning, though gradually, how to say no to those shopping urges and start saving and spending money wisely. Ever since I started experiencing the convenience of shopping online, I admit, I slightly lost control.Continue Reading

Loud Music, Play On

The other day, my room underwent a major cleaning from me, our helper, and a li’l from my bro. As we went through my old stuff, I had a difficult time choosing which ones need to go and what I still want to keep. And among those that I kept are photos of me fromContinue Reading