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I Suck at Packing

We have a Bohol trip in October, and I desperately need to learn how to pack lightly.Continue Reading

Save Money when Buying a Car

If you want to buy a new car, or sell your car with Auto Trader, but you’re worried about the expense of owning one, you’re not alone. With sky-high petrol prices, insurance costs seemingly going through the roof and tax all an issue, it can be off-putting. However, by performing a vehicle check, looking atContinue Reading

About Rafflecopter Giveaways : A Half-Rant

Being a fan of online giveaways and contests, I’ve experienced it all. From tedious mechanics (and I’m guilty of this when we had our giveaway over at our food blog) to very easy tasks such as simply liking a Facebook page. There has been a remarkable increase in the amount of participants lately. My FacebookContinue Reading