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Shopping : More Convenient than Ever

Shopping is considered one of the favorite pastimes of most people. Now that it has evolved because of technology, particularly the internet, we can say that shopping has taken a giant leap in terms of how we get it done. From the old school way of lining up at a local supermarket (not to mentionContinue Reading

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

There is something about freshwater pearls that makes every girl smile when she opens the box containing these fine pieces of elegance. They are definitely considered a gem that has been in fashion for so many years because of the fact that they are so special and are gifts that can be passed down fromContinue Reading

Plans for My Future Home

Over seven years ago, we moved out of our old home in Navotas where I spent my childhood and most of my young adult life. I refused to live here in Malabon, so we were forced to buy a new house and lot in Bulacan, far from the places most familiar to us. My dreamContinue ReadingContinue Reading